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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Somebody was listening

One of the free agents I felt the Steelers should target was Tennessee cornerback/kick returner Chris Carr.

According to The Tennessean in Nashville, the Steelers have contact Carr about a visit - possibly happening this week.

Carr returns both kicks and punts and also has some starting experience at cornerback - though he's better served as a nickel guy.

He'd be an outstanding signing for the Steelers if they can get it done.


Anonymous said...

That would be good, it should give them the flexibility of not having to draft a CB in round 1. They also need to sign a veteran WR to replace Nate and maybe a veteran OL for competition.

Skinley said...

Agreed. Get him here and I'm happy with our free agency.

Dale, what do you think of Marvel possibly going to B-More?

Dale Lolley said...

Let the Ravens have him. He's shot.

Patrick said...

I don't know much about Carr. Sounds like a good fit. I just wonder about affording him, draft picks, James Harrison, other FA's etc.

I do like the fact that it would enable the Steelers to draft much less out of need with another good CB and returner on the roster. If Carr signs, and the market bottoms out for McFadden, this might end up looking silly though. At the same price, I would take McFadden over Carr, even if it means missing out on a return guy.

I hope some O line depth comes via FA or the draft (which is obvious). One IR trip on that line could cause a disastrous domino effect. There is little experienced depth.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up, Carr is visiting several teams

Anonymous said...

Marvel says he's close to 100%.

Anonymous said...

Carr is not that good of a corner and they signed that guy from the CFL I believe his name was Stephan Logan for a returner. So there is no need for Carr. Rather they resign Bmac or pick up a corner in draft.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is the Rams are shopping Orlando Pace for a mid to late round pick. Since we can't seem to get anything out of the those rounds anyways it is something to consider despite his injury history.

Anonymous said...

Your a friggin genius Dale! Dem Stillers should fire Colbert & Omar and hire you. You're a ham-and-egger so you would come cheaply just like Chris Carr. Wow, did the superintendant from Warsh High lay into you or what???? What a bitch! Keep it up killer....Mr. Tomlin should be looking over both shoulders!

Patrick said...

if you are going to post anonymously, say something worth while.

Don't waste Dale's or the readers time. This site is free and worth the read. If you want to argue with Dale or others do it intelligently and respectfully please.

Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Dale Lolley said...

They have Gay on hand to replace McFadden. Given the contracts signed by some of the "top" corners on the market, McFadden's not coming back.

Carr's a competent third corner with starting experience and NFL experience returning kicks and punts. He was a guy I felt they'd target in free agency and they have.

The Steelers like to cover their bases so that they don't go into a draft with an obvious need.

As for Orlando Pace, no thanks. Big contract and a scary injury history given his age.

As for Marvel saying he's close to 100 percent, what's he supposed to say?

Tom in Naptown said...

I never heard of him, but they could use depth at corner if McFadden goes.
As for internet tough guy Mr. Anonymous, shut your mouth, just like the rest of the world, you're not needed here.

Troy said...

I think Pittsburgh should be quite tempting team for especially defensive guys to play for. Number 1 defense and Lebeau and Tomlin as coaches. Team is also very good choice if you are looking for ring.

So I hope Steelers can compete with other teams with something else than just money. Of course offer needs to be at least in the same range but still.

Carr would be very good addition. He would fill two needs with one signing.

Anonymous said...

B-Mac or no B-Mac the steelers still have to draft in the first 2 rounds o-line, d-line depending on what's available.

marc said...

i remember when we lost hope and they brought in ryan clark. i was worried at the time, but that clearly worked out well. i like b-mac, but he doesn't have the speed to lock on 1-on-1. he's a good zone defender strong against the run. if carr is the same, then great. if not, then i'd rather we draft a CB in round 3 and bring Gay up to speed in the offseason.

i'm concerned about signing harrison though. if we don't get it done, next offseason is an uncapped year and he will definitely be gone.

sherm said...

Marc brings up an interesting point about next year being uncapped. My understanding is a player cannot become a free agent in this scenario until he completes six seasons. I'm interested in how that scenario applies to Harrison given he bounced around for a couple of years

Dale Lolley said...

There's a good chance there's going to be a lockout as well, so how long of a deal do you want to sign a 30-year-old linebacker to?
There's a lot of factors in play with Harrison.
They'll get something done. There's no real hurry. They just need the talks not to break down.
Both sides want to get something done.

Anonymous said...


Great work! Hey when will we here about the comp pick reward for losing Faneca? Should be a 3rd rounder like when we lost Plax, no?

Anonymous said...

Last year the comp picks were announced at the end of March.

datruth4life said...


Nate Washington just agreed to a deal with the Titans. They just got a decent 3rd WR who will not go over the middle nor get off the press.

Can anyone say WR Devery Henderson of the Saints, come on down? Another typical Steelers signing waiting to happen.


datruth4life said...

Here is Nate's deal: 6 years, $27M, $9M guaranteed. Not bad for Nate if you can get it. Didn't the Steelers give H. Ward a $9.75M signing bonus a couple of years ago?

If the team is going to guarantee someone $10M on a big deal, I hope it is McFadden. But if we can split that up and get CB Chris Carr and WR Devery Henderson from the Saints, then that would be cost effective.

Steelers still got two big contracts to dish out this year in Max Starks and Deebo. It'll be interesting to see how they go about doing this.

Dale, any news on Keyaron Fox and Trai Essex?

Dale Lolley said...

No news on Fox or Essex, though there is a report Essex was among the linemen with Roethlisberger in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Henderson would give them some deep speed, but his hands are worse than Washington's.

marc said...

i'm disappointed washington is gone. i think he is only getting better and definitely added a viable threat that other teams needed to account for.

is it realistic to expect the steelers to sign a WR in free agency? might be better to use the money and match whatever b-mac is offered, then draft another young WR.

also, i really like sweed. the way he bounced back in the AFC championship game was great. the guy competes, and i think we learned a lot about his character the last couple games from last year. he will be good.