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Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting closer

Talks between the Steelers and their final two unsigned draft picks - Maurkice Pouncey and Jason Worilds – are heating up and are expected to be completed before the team holds its first training camp practice on Saturday.

Rookie signings - particularly the first-round draft picks - have gone a little more slowly this year, at least in part, because of the instability in the league's CBA.

Higher draft picks normally sign longer deals than those drafted in later rounds and there's been quite a bit of haggling about those extra years.

© James Walker of wrote today that LaMarr Woodley will report on time for training camp Friday.

It's really not a surprise.

The Steelers don't negotiate with players who aren't in camp, so not showing up would do Woodley no good.


Dan said...

Doesn't Woodley understand it is about the collective bargaining agreement? He is not the only one that is going through this right now.

marc said...

it's not ALL about the CBA. the steelers, and many other teams, are using the CBA as leverage over players like woodley.

other teams have found a way to structure deals to sign guys, but resulting in higher upfront costs (bonuses). it's the only way around the 30% rule but to get a longer term deal.

if there were no CBA problem, the steelers would have already signed woodley. therefore, they either don't want to pay the upfront costs and are hoping they can sign woodley after a new CBA thereby spreading costs out on a more normal basis, or they don't intend on spending as much as woodley will be asking and are already leaning towards a franchise tag, if it exists.

i understand woodley's frustration. he is one bad play away from losing it all.

Anonymous said...

Woodley should direct some of his frustion at the NFLPA, they agreed to keep the franchise tag in the last negotiation.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it will disrupt the team (Harrison, Ben, Troy, Ward, ect) if Woodley got a ton of upfront money because of the cba? I think it would piss some vets off. I think the Steelers FO is doing it right. Woodley will get his.

Anonymous said...

^ LOL. Why would those 4 be pissed? They all got paid.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets said...

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Anonymous said...

Chester Pitts visited us today, 2nd meeting with him. SIGN HIM!!! Pitts at LG with Kemo at RG and Pouncey in the middle would be a formidable running line- thats 2 guards and a center THAT CAN ALL PULL!!! SIGN HIM!!!

adamg said...

Woodley came in last year overweight and out of shape last year and was ineffective for half the season. Did he let the previous year go to his head? That's something the FO has to consider before committing a ton of money to him. Can't say I really blame them for waiting to see if 2008 or 2009 was the real Woodley.