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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tomlin gets new deal

It seemed like only a matter of time before the Steelers gave head coach Mike Tomlin the contract extension he deserved/desired and it finally came to fruition Tuesday.

Tomlin was given a three-year extension by the team on Tuesday, keeping him under contract through the 2014 season.

As I explained in my column in today's Observer-Reporter, Tomlin faces his biggest test as a head coach with this year's training camp.

There are plenty of unknowns for this team heading into the 2010 season.

But Tomlin's contract status is now not one of them.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Whiz get a 5 year extension from the Cards? Does only a 3 year extension indicate some hesitation from the Rooneys?

Dale Lolley said...

No. There's a big difference in ownerships. If I'm Whiz, I want the long-term deal from the Bidwells, who could fire him tomorrow.
If I'm Tomlin, I'm comfortable having the next four seasons in the bank with the Rooneys.

Put it this way, during Arizona's SB run a couple of years ago, Bidwell promised Whiz and his staff raises. Once everything was said and done, he reneged.

Patrick said...

the PG explained this well. Tomlin's is an extension, Whiz's was a brand new contract. Tomlin's probably pays less overall but everyone knew he wasn't going to get huge money.

I'm not a Tomlin fan. I don't know what the "option" was after this year, whether it was Tomlin's or the team's to exercise, but I'm assuming it was the team's. If so, then I don't see why the need to extend him. I was looking forward to a year with the pressure on him.

Go unleash hell Mike. This time, mean it.

noel said...

I like Tomlin. He's not perfect but neither was Cowher, neither was Noll, neither is anyone else. I think he knows what it takes to build a tough, winning team.

I'm *very* disappointed that Woodley looks to be in his last season in Black and Gold.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think Woodley is leaving?

Anonymous said...

yeah, NOTHING indicated woodley in leaving

He is not bitching, he is being a good soldier because he knows the steelers will pay him. If it wasn't because of the 30 percent rule he would have a contract by the start of the season

They let go 30+ year olds when their contracts are done usually. Woodley will be 26, he is going nowhere

Anonymous said...

Report: LaMarr Woodley still Steelers' top priority

On Tuesday night's Total Access program, NFL Network's Jason La Canfora threw cold water on a recent ESPN report that (falsely?) indicated the Steelers aren't in any rush to re-sign contract-year linebacker LaMarr Woodley. The positivity of La Canfora's report was backed up by the Saginaw News on Tuesday.

According to La Canfora, re-signing Woodley remains the Steelers' "No. 1 priority." La Canfora added that he can envision "no scenario where Woodley is not" a Steeler in 2011, going so far as to predict the Steelers would franchise tag Woodley if such a designation is still available. La Canfora was adamant that Woodley isn't going anywhere.

The latest reports on the organization's feelings about Woodley indicate that he's viewed by the Pittsburgh front office as a building block and potential career Steeler. Not someone the team is going to let get away. Nuff said. Woodley stays.

noel said...

Huh, I happily stand corrected then. Ironically I would normally trust ESPN over LaCanfora.

Dale Lolley said...

Woodley's their priority. But with the unsettled CBA situation, it makes negotiations difficult.
He's not, and I repeat, not going to be going anywhere soon.

keevin said...

good news. I was worried. Woodley is awesome and they need to keep him

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too Patrick. How could I ever be a fan of a guy who comes in after a lackluster final Cowher year and proceeds to take the team to the playoffs for two years in a row and wins the superbowl in his second season. I mean dude, he didn't even make the playoffs last year. How dare a steeler coach miss the playoffs!

I can't stand douchebags like you.

Ben said...

Dale, do you expect the financial terms to be released next week when Art II comes back from vacation?

Do you have any unofficial terms before then?

Patrick said...

whatever anonymous poster dude. I'm sorry for having an opinion on a coach that just gave one of the most dissappointing seasons I can remember. If you want me to list the reasons I don't like Tomlin, I'll glady recite them, but they're on the other posts.

You know what's a sign that you have nothing to argue or that your argument sucks? Name calling.

Patrix said...

I think Patrick is the guy who Photoshopped that photo of Cowher working at Wal-Mart.... Fair weather fan that he is. Patrick, I know that in your shrunken mind you in good faith believe (read: desperately want to believe) that all the anonymous posters are a single person, but we are many...and we have the wisdom of the masses on our side. Proletariat, RISE UP AGAINST PATRICK'S CORPORATE HEGEMONY! SHILL FOR NETWORK SPORTS BLOGS...

Anonymous said...

I think Tomlin deserved his extension but he is still a young coach that has alot to learn. The whole "unleash hell" thing last year followed by worst losing streak I can remember was embarrassing for him.

SRK said...

Tomlin is one of the best young coaches in the NFL...People seem to think that super bowl was given to him....These people are fools...I thought Cowher was a great coach but his last season was a bigger disapointment then last season...Tomlin is a winner and The Rooneys know what they are doing...I Think their track record speaks for itself

Dale Lolley said...

That's what's holding up an official announcement at this point - the principles are all out of town. The Steelers don't announce anything until the contract is signed, sealed and delivered.

Anonymous said...

Last season was truly disappointing. But to put that all on the coach? Come on man. The defense didn't hold up in those games and the offense fizzled several times. The coach can only do so much and then it's up to the players. This was almost the exact same team as the Superbowl team. You really think that Tomlin just couldn't get the same umph out of them?

Plain and simple: the players just didn't execute. Throw in two soul-crushing injuries to Smith and Troy and it just wasn't their year. Every coach has a down year, lord knows Cowher and Noll did.

I just don't personally see how you can dislike the guy. He's no nonsense, he wins(including the Big One), and he's well liked by the players. Yes he's made mistakes, but um, last time I checked, EVERYONE makes mistakes. He's a young coach, with a lot to learn but with huge upside. I'm just thankfull the Rooney's own the Steelers and not impatient people like Patrick. Because we have a name for guys like you: Al Davis.


Patrick said...

Well here I go again:

What is Tomlin's imprint on this team? The defense? Can anyone honestly say they wouldn't of been as good without Tomlin? That is all Lebeau. His experience should lend itself to imprving the secondary which was pathetic last year. Fine, Polamula was injured, but when Bruce Gradowski drives down the field with 2 minutes left, something isn't right.

The offense is either hit or miss, but its certainly not consistent and right now is in bad shape with Ben suspended and Holmes gone. You can say that would of happened under any coach, but it doesn't change the fact that it happened under Tomlin's watch. His lack of reigning in Arians passing attack is pathetic. Does anyone remember the Ravens game hail mary interception (with the lead and trying to kill the clock) at the end that got called back one a ticky tack penalty? The gameplan for the other Ravens game with Dixon at the helm? The Browns gameplan? Seriously you guys enjoyed that?

How about the special teams last year? That was impressive. How many kick returns needed to go for TD's? Was he trying to break the record?

Tomlin's game day decisions can be borderline ridiculous. Going for 2 from the 12 yard line in a playoff game? The onside kick in the Packers game? His time management?

Then theres the "unleash hell" comment followed by one of the worst performances by a Steelers team. How can you take what the guy says seriously?

And the draft. Admittedly, he shares that responsibility with Colbert. But since he has taken over, the drafts have gotten worse. 2007 and 2008 are not good drafts with 2008 being especially pathetic. Timmons, and I like Timmons as a player, was a completely unnecessary pick that high who I still think fits better in a 4-3. And I would argue the same for Mendenhall, considering hes in an offense that doesn't utlilize him. Maybe that will change this year. But when you take a RB that high (RB's in the Steelers sandlot offense can be found much later) you should not need ownership to say "we need to run the ball better" to do so. They haven't hit many picks in the later rounds at all and until this year paid no attention to the weakest component of the team in the O-line.

Tomlin has yet to establish a "vision" for this team and he sure as hell hasn't left any new imprint on a team that he inherited. His SB win was practically the same team that won the previous one. They rode an incredible defense and an offense that could erupt for points or look pathetic. Luckily it looked good on the final drive that resembled more street ball than good coaching or we're not even discussing his SB win.

I'm not really advocating firing the guy, but if his contract ran out after another season like last, I wouldn't be heartbroken.

But why criticize a guy when you're a fan? Lets just enjoy the season and nod, right?

marc said...

overall, i think tomlin is a good coach. but, i also think he won a SB in the same manner Barry Switzer won with JJ's team.

tomlin is young and has made mistakes. i am more interested to see how he handles similar situations the next time around. will he go for 2 from the 12 yard line again? will he impose more influence over arians regarding the offense? will he handle a losing streak differently (better)?

he earned the extension, now let's see if he can earn another one.

Slab said...

Give me a list of 5 current NFL coaches you would trade Tomlin for and 5 guys that aren't current head coaches you would fire him to hire. I think that should be the minimum requirement before you get to complain. I see a guy with 3 years as an NFL head coach, 0 losing seasons. 2 division titles, 1 superbowl. youngest coach to ever win the Superbowl. 1st Steelers coach to win the division his first 2 years. he stacks up pretty well against anybody in my opinion. Sure he's made mistakes- but throw your list of 5 current that you like better and 5 without an NFL head job, you think are better and I'll bet we can find a mistake or two.

not anonymous said...

Patrick just unleashed hell

LOL, j/k Patrick is an idiot and i wished he would stop commenting here

SRK said...

Who cut Porter and gave the job to Harrison? Who drafted Woodley? Do we make it to the super bowl without Woodley and Harrison starting? Tomlin won a super bowl with a team that the last coach went 8-8 with...Are you really suggesting that anyone could have coached that team to that super bowl? Nobody justs falls into a super bowl and wins it...TOMLIN is a great young coach with an open mind who lets his coaches coach...Has he made mistakes? ...yes but the good far out weighs the bad...he is still learning...bottom line he is a winner and the steelers are lucky to have him....who do you think would be a better coach ? I mean give the man his due...he has accompished great things in a very short time

Slab said...

As always- good players win games, bad coaches lose games. This reminds of the Cowher haters that were calling for his head because he "couldn't win the big one". what a crock!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't resort to name calling, but you are a jackass. As SRK put it up above, Woodley and Harrison are defintely ALL Tomlin. Mendenhall. Timmons. Wallace. And he fell into the Superbowl??? Are you really serious? Who's team was it? Cowher's? The guy who mailed in the 06 season? Was it LeBeau's? Please.

You said the defense was all Coach Dad's. Fine, well the defense flat out lost 3 games for us. But no, you blame Gradkowski scoring so much on us on him, even though he's not a DC or a DB coach! Was the defensive collapse in 5 losses all his fault? I mean, god forbid a little blame fall on the DC or the actual players. Troy and Smith out is a HUGE loss, I can't believe you're trying to downplay that. And for the last time, it was ONE DOWN YEAR!!!! And not even a losing year. My point wasn't that he doesn't have much to learn, my point is that he had one bad year and people are suddenly saying they don't like him. I would bet both nuts that you weren't saying that after '08 because no one was. That's what makes you a douchebag. He goes to the playoffs two years in a row, wins the superbowl and you love him. He misses it the next year and it's ALL on him. Ridiculous.

And the statement that he won with basically the same team shows what a joke you are. Only 22 guys remained from the '05 season in '08. 12 starters. That's half the starting lineup - new. A little digging on the internet could have told you that. But why back up what you're saying with facts, right? I mean for god's sake, he missed the playoffs one year!!

There's a difference between criticizing him and wanting him gone. I criticize him all the time. He does things I don't understand. He makes mistakes. A lot. But he wins. Plain and simple, he WINS. WINS. Isn't that the bottom line? And since there aren't any idiots in the front office/ownership who are like you, since we have ownership that believes in STABILITY, he's going to be our coach for some time. Be a TRUE fan and support the team, support the coach. That doesn't mean you can't criticize, before you go and get all sarcastic again, it just means show a little respect for the Rooneys and their ability to run the best NFL franchise of which you are supposedly a 'fan'.


Patrick said...

How is Harrison all Tomlin? He was playing well when he got in during the Cowher years. It was painfully obvious we needed depth at OLB. Woodley was a no brainer pick and he didn't get to play all season, but when he did..... lets give Tomlin credit for leaving Haggans in the whole time then too.

My point about the D is that Tomlin has done anything to show its not the same D as its always been. He hasn't changed it to a point where he deserves some amazing credit. He was a DB's coach but I'd say our biggest weakness on D last year was the secondary. Really making improvements there.

Who were the different players on the D in '08 compared to '05, Ryan Clark? Signed by a Cowher team in 2006. An OLB that was already on the team and another who fits the mold the team has been drafting for over 15 years? Kiesel starting in place of Von Olhoffen? Thats a Cowher player coming in. And that move was coming no matter what. Wow the differences are huge. And that defense was clearly the biggest part of the '08 run. Oh yeh we had Timmons as a situational defensive player. WAY TO GO TOMLIN! The differences were that big?

On O there was obvious differences at the line from '05 - Kemaotu, Starks at LT, Colon, oh wait all Cowher picks. And at WR, but the player who won that game, Holmes? Tomlin inherited. (And Tomlin really did a great job getting through to Holmes, apparently). The QB, RB's ? From Cowher's team. Oh wait the FB was different. WOW how did Tomlin overcome the FB change ?

So yeh that team was REALLY different.

And I have been criticizing Tomlin since '07, thanks.

He also didn't have just a "down" year, he had a HORRIBLE year coaching. That team was primed with the schedule they had to go 12-4. They lost games to the Raiders, Chiefs, Bears, Browns, and got swept by the Bengals. The way they lost most of those games was also pathetic. Re watch the Browns lose and tell me how great of a coach he was that day.

Go Tomlin, I hope he proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

The front office did the right thing. They signed the future. Just as we thought they would do.
Tomlin has faults and he has bravery. Tomlin let's his coaches coach. He over see's the whole corporation, like a CEO. This is a business and it's has to be ran like one. There isn't enough day light for Tomlin to have his hands in every aspect of this team every minute. It just can't happen.
As far as running attach and loosing Homie. We got Ben and everyone wanted to air it out. "Get a supporting cast for Ben to throw to" Now those same people are crying wolf and say we need to get back to "STEELER" football and pound the ball out. I remember Bill doing that on 1st, 2nd 3rd downs and then kicking. this happened a whole heck of alot if I remember. How about we go with a balance attack and let the coaches that are paid 5 mil a year do their job. I rather us miss the playoff's with the dignity that our front office has than make the playoff's with an owner that will do anything "unmoral" to make it to the playoff's. We are Steeler fans and it feels pretty good. Remember we have 6 for a reason. The Steeler staff. From owners to waterboy.

SRK said...

We lost our top D Lineman and our top player in our secondary last year for most of the season....we lost at least 5 games by a field goal and no game by more then a touchdown...A FEW INTs instead of drops and we easily make the playoffs...our special teams blew more games then anything... you cant put that all on coaching ...Im not saying TOMLIN coached perfect last year but i do think it was just a down year that could have just as easily been a good year if a few plays fall our way...I still think COWHER in 2006 was more disapointing ...When Tomlin came to the steelers in 2007 they were coming off an 8-8 year ... And alot of people thought that 2005 may have been a fluke... Tomlin cut Porter and named Harrison the starter...Do you think Cowher makes that move?..i doubt it... no one picked the steelers to win their division in 2007...they did and in 2008 with out two major team leaders from the 2005 team PORTER ON D and Faneca on O ...TOMLIN coaches the team to their 6th SUPER BOWL win in just his 3rd year coaching...WHY do you feel Tomlin should put his "stamp" on a D that has been a top D for almost a decade...The bottom line is Tomlin is a WINNER ...the Rooneys are smart people ...they have won 6 championships doing it thier way..AND Tomlin DESERVES HIS NEW CONTRACT ...He is a great young coach that we should be greatful to have...

SRK said...

by the way he won a super bowl in his second year of coaching

Anonymous said...

Patrick says, "Woodley was a no brainer pick..."

Right, he was such a "no brainer" that he was passed over 40+ times in the draft, including once by the Steelers themselves. I love 20/20 hindsight.

Todd said...

Dale, I was listening to "The Drive" on 1250 ESPN, and I swear I heard Mike Logan and Chris Mack imply that *Tomlin* is the one who wanted Arians gone, but *Colbert* is the one who got him to stay. I was always under the assumption that Tomlin fought to keep Arians over the wishes of Art Rooney.

What do you know about this?

Patrick said...

You know how many people had Woodley pegged to go to the Steelers in the 2nd in that draft?

Porter did have 17.5 sacks in 2008 by the way.

And when you are losing games to a bunch of teams in the basement of the league, after you just won a SB and a have a good team, plays like you mentioned shouldn't be deciding your game. By that logic Joe Burnett costs us the playoffs. As many games as they lost by a thin margin, they also had a few wins that were close calls too. Considering how much talent was on the roster, it was a pathetic effort all around. But I still think that starts at the top with Tomlin.

Anonymous said...

Your right....

Now if your anything like my girlfriend, you'll shut up.

Praying to the Gods this is true.

Slab said...

Still haven't seen anyone cite the coaches that are better. To me that means you just like to complain and would no matter who was the coach unless a Superbowl was won every year.

Anonymous said...

The day patrick builds a football team and wins at least one ring I will accept his opinion. The rooneys like him, that's all we need to know

"Porter did have 17.5 sacks in 2008 by the way."

Yet he sucked at everything else as an OLB that year. They rushed him every play because he was simply no good at anything else. Ask any fins fan. Notice how he is now at pittsburgh west too

marc said...

i agree with many things you said. they were a few plays from having a playoff season. injuries, in my opinion, were the primary reason we didn't make it to the playoffs.

but, do you really think tomlin was responsible for porter? don't you think money had anything to do with that?

they did win the SB without porter and faneca. but also with a much improved roethlisberger and harrison's miracle return (please don't give tomlin credit for that too).

what i will give tomlin credit for this past year was an uninspired football team on way too many occassions, ill-conceived game plans lacking in-game adjustments, poor judgement of talent at the DB position, and displaying his youth as a head coach in handling a losing streak.

with that said, i believe his positives out weight the negatives. he is a good coach and i think he will continue to get better. like i said before, he earned his extension, let's see if he can earn the next one too.

Dale Lolley said...

Wow, lot of stuff on here now.

I will say this, if Cowher was still the head coach in 2007, Joey Porter would not have been cut and Harrison would not have been starting.

As for the Tomlin-Colbert stuff with Arians, that's not my understanding of the situation.

Anonymous said...

So let's see...Mike Tomlin had been in Tampa Bay, home of the "Tampa 2" scheme and Minnesota, which also runs a 4-3. Does that mean that Tomlin was supposed to fire LeBeau and change every defensive player's role? James Harrison won't blitz anymore, Woodley and Keisel are simply pass rushers and Smith and Hampton are supposed to be DT's that penetrate into the opponent's backfield? At least Timmons would fit..That's what comes to my mind when Patrick says "Tomlin hasn't made his mark"

Anonymous said...

Patrick said last season was one of the most disappointing seasons he can remember.

When did you start watching in 2005? Did you sleep through 2006?

Cowher had plenty of disappointing seasons, the same as there were plenty of disappointing seasons under Noll.

Patrick said...

In regards to Porter Dale, you don't think Harrison would have started over Haggans eventually? I think so, Woodley ended up playing in place of him, although it was late, but he was still a rookie.

2006 was a pretty bad season, no doubt about it. (2003 was a disaster too). But the expectations with the easy schedule this year were a lot higher and the problems the team had were redundant - horrific special teams, terrible offensive game plans, a weak secondary and non-stop comebacks by the opposing team. The way this past season unfolded was more dissappointing with loses to almost every bad team on the schedule.

Cowher had his bad seasons. And every coach will. I agree there. If this is Tomlin's bad season and he improves from here, then great. But how he handled this season and the series of consistent and disappointing loses, without marked improvement, said something about him in my opinion. Regardless, I haven't been much of a fan of Tomlin and a lot of his decisions or style since he got here and the past season certainly didn't improve my opinion of him.

And you can't honestly believe Tomlin is a top 5 coach. That's ridiculous.

kyle said...


Harrison did not like Cowher. He probably would have been cut before Cowher would have made him a starter.

As to your points:
Special Teams was addressed. They repeatedly brought in new people. It was a fluke. It happens.

Tomlin doesn't gameplan. Arians barely does. Ben is to blame for the Browns game, I'd wager plenty on that.

The secondary was weak because the best safety in the league was replaced with the worst. You can pin that on Tomlin by saying they didn't have adequate depth but do me a favor, name one other backup safety in the league.

Which 5 coaches are better? Flavor of the month Payton? Belichick? Pretty much everyone else is on the hot seat any given week this season.

You don't seem to have any real reasons for disliking Tomlin other than the team went 9 and 7 and he made an offhand comment in a press conference about "unleashing hell."

Your youth is showing and I'm only 28.

Patrick said...

There a whole bunch of points that relate to things other than this past season that I pointed to. If you didn't read them, thats on you.

Oh and Harrison would have been cut? Really? Do you remember the amount of plays he had the games he played in during the Cowher years?

But my youth is showing, riggggghhhhhht. And I'm a year younger. I remember the bad Cowher seasons (In 2003 I spent good money for tickets to the Ravens-Steelers season finale thinking it would be close to a playoff game, it was pointless and about 15 degrees out)

kyle said...

I do remember. Do you remember how he still didn't start? Do you remember how he was our best special teams player and still barely got spot duty? Cowher didn't see anything special in Harrison and Harrison is on record as not liking Cowher. This is a minor point of contention but it's the truth.

Not liking his style is silly. Cowher made embarrassing gaffes all the time. For all the talk about him as the master motivator did you ever see his locker room speeches? I could practically hear members of the team rolling their eyes. That aside, I respected Cowher as a coach because he did the only thing that matters for a Head Coach - he won.

Your critique will have more teeth when Tomlin has a losing season.

Dale Lolley said...

For whatever reason, Cowher did not like Harrison. In fact, he's the guy who cut him several times. So, no, I think he would have continued running Haggans out there.

marc said...

people keep asking what coaches are better than tomlin. that's pretty tough to quantify. but here is a list of coaches i would say are as good or better. in no particular order.

reid - eagles
shanahan - redskins
payton - saints
wisenhunt - cards
belichek - pats
harbaugh - ravens
caldwell - colts
fisher - titans

Patrick said...

I like what Mike Smith has done in Atl as well, even though they didn't have their best season either. And as much as we can hate the Ravens, Harbaugh impresses me. Rex Ryan is a lot of personality, but he brought a new edge to that defense and their additions this offseason should make for an interesting watch at the least. I could see them dropping off sooner or later though.

And Reid... that is a long debate. I live in Philly and like some comments about Tomlin, people will always say "well he wins." But he can make some real head scratching decisions and his time management is easily amongst the worst in the league. I'm really curious to see if Kolb will shine a new light on that team because in my opinion, the Reid/McNabb combo was never going to change. (I'm also curious to see McNabb in a different offense, I think he is going to do well). My point is, Reid is another coach that has a great record and the numbers and all that noise, but really, is he that great of a coach?

marc said...

maybe reid is a better personnel guy than coach, but he does win on a rather consistent basis. and with the young guys they have over there, i think they've done a great job of transitioning from the old guard to the new.

Patrick said...

You might be right that he is a better personnel guy than coach. He's a polarizing topic. He wins, but its almost like the entire organization's motto is to just do enough each year to get to the playoffs and have a dissappointing showing.

They have some serious questions in the secondary and o-line too. I could see them being 7-9 or 12-4. Either way, Reid has a nice record built up but I still would question how great of a coach he is.

Slab said...

OK. Here's my point- Everyone of these guys can be found fault with in the same manner as Tomlin.

reid - eagles- never won a Superbowl despite frequently having top notch talent- went 6-10 the year after losing his only Superbowl appearance

shanahan - redskins- last superbowl win was 12 years ago. never won anything without Elway and TD. he went 6-10 after his last SB win

payton - saints- 4 seasons as a head coach, 2 winning seasons

wisenhunt - cards- if you like him better, ok.3 years- 8-8, 9-7 and 10-6 and head to head on the big stage, a loss to Tomlin's team. Why better?

belichek - pats- arguably the best coach in the NFL, but 5 of his first 6 seasons as a head coach were losing seasons.Can't argue with his success once he got Brady, but it's not like he hasn't had his questionable calls

harbaugh - ravens- 2 decent years, hasn't won the division yet, a little early to say he's going to be better than Tomlin IMO

caldwell - colts- 1 year and a loss in the Superbowl- exactly how is he proven to be better than Tomlin?

fisher - titans- i like Fisher, too, but look at the stats.15 years as a head coach and he's won his division 3 times, appeared in and lost 1 superbowl.

I like all of these coaches. But I don't think it's a slam dunk that a legitimate argument can be made for anyone other than Belichik to be hands down better than Tomlin. But it doesn't really matter anyway. Fire Tomlin and you won't be able to hire any of them, so who do you replace him with that's as good, let alone better.

Anonymous said...

Caldwell as a better coach??? Are you serious? Reid yes, just for consistency. Shanahan, maybe. Whisenhunt and Harbaugh are good, but stats don't come close to Tomlin. Oh, and bottom line, AGAIN is...

Tomlin gets WINS!!! Including the Superbowl, which few of those other coaches that someone named has done. Shanahan is outdated and Bellychick only won thanks to brady. He's arrogant(his idiot fourth down call proved that) and a cheater.

marc said...

wow, it seems it's hard for people to actually read a post.

first, i said it's hard to quantify. second, i said "as good or better."

to respond to the most recent post:
caldwell led a very good colts team to a super bowl in his first year and was leading after 3 quarters. yes, they lost, but i didn't see tomlin take the steelers to the super bowl his first year. and, if you want to say caldwell inherited that team, then be consistent and admit the same thing for tomlin.

in two seasons, harbaugh's winning percentage is .625. in three seasons tomlin's winning percentage is .646. i wouldn't say that's a huge difference.

wisehunt's stats may not be as good as tomlins, but he also inherited a team and organization that was much less established than the steelers. and, i believe many people would argue wisehunt is a much better "in-game" coach than tomlin.

shanahan may be outdated, but he is proven. and last i checked, how many superbowls did we win without terry bradshaw or ben roethslisberger?

belichik is a cheater and an arrogant a$$. but he's also the guy who built the giant's defense under parcells and the patriots defenses. he has multiple super bowl rings as a defensive coordinator and head coach. to not consider him as one of the best coaches in the league is even more ignorant and arrogant than his fourth down call last season.

Slab said...

I pretty much agree with both your posts. My point is that Tomlin, as a 3rd year coach, has as good a resume as anyone. It's ok to point out the imperfections as long as it's in that context. If we're pointing out how he doesn't match up to some perfect standard, that's baloney because no coach matches up.