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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steelers sign Colbert to extension

The Steelers have signed director of football operations Kevin Colbert to a five-year contract extension Wednesday.

It was a move that had been anticipated for some time.

Since joining the Steelers in 2000, Colbert has overseen one of the most successful periods in team history.

The Steelers have also drafted a number of stars, including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and strong safety Troy Polamalu, on his watch.

© The team is closing in on a deal with second-round pick Jason Worilds. His signing would leave only first rounder Maurkice Pouncey unsigned as the team readies to report to camp on Friday.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about the decline in Colbert's drafts since Cowher left? Who was really calling the shots when we selected Ben, Troy and others?

Anonymous said...

The decline? Apparently Woodley, Wallace, Timmons, Mendenhall, Hood, Foster and Gay are all complete busts. A team with two SB wins in five years is going to have a lot of the same players and not a lot of open competition.

Anonymous said...

Gay is a bust

Dale Lolley said...

Bill was the one who had to have Alonzo Jackson. How'd that turn out?
Colbert's drafts have been pretty solid throughout his tenure. Sure, you're going to miss on some guys. But his misses have largely been in the later rounds - and some of that has been because there haven't been a lot of open spots on the team's roster.

Anonymous said...

didn't Cowher want an offensive lineman instead of Big Ben? Rooney's stepped in and demanded we take Ben IIRC

Anonymous said...

Gay is a bust? Since when are 5th-round picks who see significant playing time considered busts?

Anonymous said...

Gay is not a bust. He is just what you might expect from a solid 5th rd pick

noel said...

I agree with the comments about Gay not being a bust. He had a few very solid games last season which have been forgotten. He may not be full-fledged starter calibre but he's a decent tackler and has room to improve. There's no doubt he looked bad at times but the entire defense has to share that accusation. If he was a first day pick maybe he'd be a bust candidate but he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

"and some of that has been because there haven't been a lot of open spots on the team's roster."

Many fail to realize this. This is a super bowl team, not anybody can stay

off the top of my head, ryan mcbean. not an aaron smith dlineman, but he has a future. just didn;t fit in their plans at the moments. and look at sunny harris last year getting released and back and forth between the panthers and here

and gay is a good nickle CB. that is fine for a 5th rounder

Anonymous said...

lol at all the Gay fans

he is one of the top 5 worst starters to wear a Steelers uniform in the last 20 yrs

only Mahan is worse that i can think of

kyle said...


Nobody here is a fan of William Gay. We're just saying that a decent nickel corner in the 5th round is a good pick. A 5th round pick can't be a bust; there are no expectations for him. He had an abysmal year last season but the year before that as a nickel and fill-in for McFadden he played fine. If he returns to that role then he was a very good 5th round selection.

Anonymous said...

Who said the words "william gay" and "starter", only you. The ones defending him are saying he's a good nickle back, you know, the ones you NEED nowadays in this passing league

In 2008 he was a great nickleback for us, and helped us win a title

The discussion here is players drafted by colbert, and gay was a 5th round pick! Do you expect every 5th round pick to be an elite player. Never gonna happen, we got just what we needed in gay at that spot. Sure, he was atrocious as a starter last year, but that's one good year and one bad year in his career (2007 he was mostly a special teamer). That hardly qualifies as one of the worst steelers to wear a uniform

Do you remember lee flowers? dewayne washington? Now they were atrocious.Though washington was good for a while

Anonymous said...

Who said the words "william gay" and "starter"

He started every game last year idiot

Anonymous said...

But we are commenting on how he is a good NICKLE BACK, not a starter. YOU are the one who brought up he is a terrible starter

NOBODY here has said is a good starter, only that he is a solid value at where we got him- 5th round