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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Baltimore-Pittsburgh game thread

James Farrior is down for the Steelers tonight, a move that is not surprising. But the decision to scratch Chris Hoke is somewhat interesting.

No real surprises for the Ravens on the inactive list.

The loser of tonight's game falls behind the Bengals in the AFC North standings.


Anonymous said...

Gay sucks. Put in Lewis

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a looooong night if they keep letting them convert on 3rd downs and we can't.

Patrick said...

I'm shocked one of those bubble screens was picked off.

They have only been running them unsuccessfully for 6 years.

That was a great, momentum changing drive gone horribly wrong.

Patrick said...

hoping the score stays the same so the steelers win and dale hits it on the head

Anonymous said...

I knew it! So dissapointed!

adamg said...

That s***ed. One run instead of a 1st down incomplete pass and the game might have been over. Will we never learn?

Patrick said...

play of the game was the delay of game

absolutely pathetic and you can say thats on ben, etc. but as far as I know a coach can call timeout and with 2 left he obviously should have.

they pissed that one away. and its miserable.

marc said...

Arians is an idiot. It cannot be debated or argued. Passing on 3rd down when on the edge of field goal range and trying to run the clock out is flat out stupid.

The defense does not get a pass either. You need to win the game when the other team starts on their 8 yard line with a little over 2 minutes left.

Anonymous said...

Can this put an end to the Joe Flacco-sucks-so-the-Steelers-will-win stuff?

14-of-21 on third down, 92-yd game winning drive on which he threw two winning touchdown passes, and he didn't throw a stupid pick that cost us points like Ben did.

Cameron did a nice job setting him up on a couple of long drives.

Ravens have our number this season.

Ryan Clark dropped an easy interception and provided no help on the losing TD.

Atrocious defense on the last drive.

Please no whining about the officiating. Not why we lost.

How is it possible to have a delay of game penalty in that situation? Did they do it on purpose b/c they were planning on punting anyway or were they just moronic?


Huge game next week.

Nice to see James Harrison looking like himself.

Anonymous said...

just pathetic. This team would get smoked by the Packers. Ravens r a better team. Tomlin is not a good coach. No control over Ben at all. Or Arians. Embarassing.

adamg said...

I didn't mind the delay penalty as that kick was likely out of Suisham's range.

No excuse for not running on first down, though to either run down the clock or make Balt use a TO right away. Another run and they're out of TOs and 1 play more down eats down to the 2 minute warning, then punt. I'd love to blame BA for the play calls, but who knows if BR actually ran the play that was called.

Agree the defense didn't do its job in pass coverage. The DBs should never have let the receivers catch the ball and step out of bounds uncontested on the winning drive. They missed Woodley for sure. I hope all who were singing the praises of Will Gay watched this game. He was toasted the entire night. I'll take B-Mac, please.

It's too bad because the OL was outstanding with protection and opened holes in the run game.

Patrick said...

the delay on game on purpose almost makes me more upset.

Essentially you are saying "we have no faith in our kicker to make a 47 yard fg in our home stadium". If thats the case, you might want to give Jeff Reed a call.

the playcalling leading up to that was atrocious as well, but thats a different story.

the better team didnt win today. It was a huge loss - the only hope is to play the ravens in the playoffs and win. The division is theirs

adamg said...

The playcalling on the Steelers last possession was just bad. Two incomplete passes saved Balt plenty of time - enough, as it turns out, to put up a winning drive.

The field being so bad probably hurt the Steelers, too, as they have more overall speed, but were slipping and sliding all over the place.