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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steelers inactives

Chris Hoke, Al Woods, LaMarr Woodley, Arnaz Battle, Emmanuel Sanders, Dennis Dixon, Jamon Meredith down for the Steelers today.

The Steelers catch a break with Carlos Dunlap inactive for the Bengals.


Anonymous said...

Brown is money. Once again, the Steelers get bogged down inside the twenty. Second and seven why the eff don't they run the ball! So freaking predictable. The team will never progress far in the playoffs unless they run the ball when then need to.


Patrick said...

Someone please explain to me the time management strategy at the end of the half. Please.

Henry said...

Not a good game for the Oline at all.

We need Sanders back.

Legursky should start at LG next week. Kemo is just too much of a liability.

adamg said...

The OL generally played well. The sacks were on BR, not them.

I saw Kemo grabbing his knee on one play and then after that his play seemed to deteriorate.

Tremendous game by A Brown. He's really growing by leaps and bounds.

BR called a great drive for the winning TD and Mendy's run was excellent.

Gay redeemed himself after last week by jumping the quick slant and getting the pick. Also a terrific play to bat the ball up where Timmons could catch it.

Is it just me or does the Big Snack look a lot lighter? His jersey and pants were practically hanging off him. Never seen that before.

It was funny hearing Lewis complaining about the hands to face call when their OL spent the whole game holding and not being called for it.

Patrick said...

I didn't see the call on Whitworth, but apparently it was bad. Could it have been any worse than the late hit call on Timmons though? That was horrible.

Homegrown Misanthropist said...

Well it is a one game division now, Baltimore blew it up against Seattle. Good thing we get the bye, have to get back Sanders and Woodley. I bet the Ravens loose at least two more, we get it together and have a shot for the division.

adamg said...

I don't think Balt is a lock to beat Cincy next Sunday at all even though they are at home.

Henry said...

I think we have a great chance to win out. Our only tough game is @ san fran but the Ravens have to play them too.

Add to that the fact that the Ravens have to play the Bengals twice and San Diego, and we have a great shot at the division.

Toast your glasses to Pete Carroll and Tavaris Jackson tonight.
(Cant believe I just typed that)

Steve-O said...

My hero of the week is Marshawn Lynch. The guy was a beast against the Ravens and when it came down to crunch time and the game was on the line he refused to go down. Reminded me a lot of Jerome Bettis.

Anonymous said...

too bad, for the seahawks, that lynch has those kind of performances once in a blue moon. He was drafted in the first for a reason, and was traded for dirt cheap for another reason too

adamg said...

Glad that "blue moon" came yesterday.