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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday with Tomlin

Mike Tomlin said today that Emmanuel Sanders had his knee scoped and will be out until after the bye.

Daniel Sepulveda also had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee, but he's already been placed on injured reserve.

Hines Ward is OK after suffering from "concussion-like symptoms" following an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit by Ray Lewis that was not flagged during the game.

They'll watch Ward this week to determine his status for Sunday's game at Cincinnati.

LaMarr Woodley could possibly return this week, but there's a better chance James Farrior comes back.

If Farrior returns, Lawrence Timmons could be moved to left outside linebacker - where he lined up at times Sunday - with Farrior and Larry Foote inside.

Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery is experiencing some swelling in his knee, but is expected to be OK.


tmarr91 said...

Dale, any comment as to why Mendy was not in the game for the last offensive series?

marc said...

guess sanders knee was actually hurt.

i was curious as to why mendy was not out there as well. however, he does carry the ball loose sometimes and i can see tomlin worrying about it in that situation.

for wild card tie breaking purposes, this game is pretty much a must win.

Tim said...

I thought Worilds played well in the only meaningful ball he's played in his young career. If Woodley can't go and Farrior can, start Worilds and put Foote back to his old role of relieving Farrior.

Dale Lolley said...

I didn't ask, but I can assume it was for blitz pickup purposes since they were throwing the ball. You have to figure in that situation, Baltimore is going to load up and blitz.

As for the backers, they are going to put their best four on the field. And Foote has played well.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Joe Pa could play linebacker or wide receiver.

Robert K said...

Any info on what the heck happened to our 3rd down defense?

Anonymous said...

I think alot of it was because of a smart plan by Cameron and execution by their offense. Alot of them were third-and-four, etc., pretty manageable especially when Harrison was our only pass rush. (and getting Grubbs backed helped them relative to Gurode being in.) Then, Pitta and Torrey Smith each made really nice grabs on third-and-long. Also, our secondary had a bad game. Ike was as bad as Gay, as Dale pointed out yesterday. We're actually lucky the Ravens dropped a few catchable balls, it could have been worse. Two very close teams, they've gotten the best of us this year.

Dale Lolley said...

Flacco hasn't been nearly as good against anyone else as he has against the Steelers this season. It's obvious he and the coaches spent the offseason dissecting the Pittsburgh defense.
If they meet again, the Steelers will have to come up with something different. Then again, if Woodley is playing, that would be a big difference.

Anonymous said...

scary thing is they dissected the defense that made Brady look silly the week before

mad props to them. but it wont be the same next time

Robert K said...

Despite this loss if we can get healthy in time for the playoffs I like our chances to knock out the Ravens should we see them again...

its a long season and the teams that make noise in the postseason are the ones that are playing their best ball from Dec on.

joe said...

i wouldn't concern myself with who we could beat in the playoffs at this point. they need to beat cinci this weekend, period.

marc said...

no doubt about that. it's still in the steeler's hands. 5 remaining games in AFC

2 - cincy
2 - browns
1 - K.C.

win those 5 games and split other two (49ers and rams - i think), that leaves steelers at 12-4 with tie breaker wins against cincy, pats, titans, chiefs.

obviously a lot of football to play, but this week against cincy is the beginning of a playoff run. must beat cincy!

Pistol said...


What in your assessment is the 4 best backers if Farrior cant go?? Mine def does not have Worilds in that group. He got handled all game long imo.

marc said...

explain this to me.

how is it that james harrison gets verbally torched in the media last year for his "illegal" hits and called to the principal's office by goodell but ray lewis gets fined for his hit on ward (deservedly so) and says it won't change in any way how he plays and that his job is to disengage the WR from the ball without any reprucussions from the league or media?

Anonymous said...

Because it's Ray Lewis, the guy got away with murder for crying out loud.