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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coaching wheels turning

Mike Tomlin met with Todd Haley on Tuesday as he continues his search for a new offensive coordinator.

Previously, Tomlin met with former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell, who was later hired as QB coach by Baltimore.

According to the NFL Network, meanwhile, the Steelers have also made some inquiries regarding former Pitt QB Alex Van Pelt.

Van Pelt, a 1993 draft pick of the Steelers who never played with the team, was most recently QB coach in Tampa Bay. He previously served as a QB coach and offensive coordinator in Buffalo.

It's likely, however, the Steelers are interested in Van Pelt as a quarterbacks coach if they choose to elevate current quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner.

One other name that could surface in Tomlin's search is current University of Colorado offensive coordinator Rip Scherer.

Scherer, like Tomlin, is a graduate of William & Mary and is the cousin of Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert.

The 59-year-old Scherer served as assistant head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 2005 through 2008 and quarterbacks coach in Carolina in 2009 and 2010.

© The news that Keith Butler decided to stay with the Steelers rather than accept the defensive coordinator position in Indianapolis isn't all that surprising.

Butler continues to be the leading candidate to eventually replace Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator with the Steelers – though when that happens is anyone's best guess – and his family likes it in Pittsburgh.

© The Steelers have given Tampa Bay permission to talk to current defensive assistant Jerry Olsavsky, while also granting offensive assistant Harold Goodwin permission to speak with Indianapolis and Chicago about openings.

UPDATE: Goodwin was hired as Indianapolis' offensive line coach on Tuesday.

Both are good men and quality coaches who deserve shots to become position coaches.

In fact Goodwin stepped in as the Steelers running backs coach when Kirby Wilson was injured in the fire in his home a few days before the team's playoff loss at Denver.

Speaking of Wilson, according to Lance Zierlein, who runs a great blog out of the Houston area, his father, former Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein, said that Wilson is now sitting up and doing much better.

He still faces a long road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be fun to see Haley & Ben yell at each other sometime.

Thought experiment:

As long as Ben isn't a turnover machine like this past season, and he's as good as we all think he is (he is, right?), it shouldn't matter all that much who the OC is, maybe. He'll be a ninth-year veteran and all...right? Who cares who Brady's, Manning's, etc. OC is? Should it matter at this point?

bruinmann77 said...

Great news coach Wilson. It a shame losing Goodwin because they need some one now to replace both since it does not look coach Wilson will be back for the 2012 season.
I really hope they do hire Haley think he be good for Ben.I hope Jerry O does not leave cause he can step in for coach butler when he moves up.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine them hiring Haley, but I hope they do it. It would probably be a disaster, but it would make for great entertainment.

My theory is that they only interviewed Haley to scare Ben straight.

Anonymous said...

Well, PFT(which I realize is pretty much the National Enquirer for NFL news) is reporting that they Haley hire was 'merely a courtesy to the Haley family to keep his name visible and to let teams know he's willing to take a non-HC gig.'

No idea of the veracity of those claims, but I expect it's at least feasible.

The fact Haley left town without an offer(as far as we know) makes me think there may be something to it.

marc said...

with how long it seems to be taking for the steelers to hire an OC, is it possible they are targeting someone from the giants or pats and just haven't been able to contact them yet?

Patrick said...

Josh mcdaniels?

Thats actually not funny

Robert K said...

The Giants OC maybe?

I'm pretty sure the Patriots OC already has another job...

marc said...

by the way, don't the giants kind of remind you of the 70's steelers a bit. i know they were a passing team this season, but that was more due to injury than by design, i think.

otherwise, they have two good backs, a top QB who is at times erratic, excellent WR's, a very good o-line, awesome d-line that pressures like crazy, etc.

just a thought.

kelly said...

Just noticed we signed Myron Rolle... According to his twitter page.!/MyronRolle

marc said...

on the plus side, rolle should pick up the defense quickly.

wasn't the knock on him his lack of speed tough?

the steelers always seem to set themselves up before the draft so they can be as flexible as possible. bringing rolle in is the beginning of that process.

Easley said...

Myron Rolle, Rhodes Scholar and future medical doctor, is an easy guy to root for. Hope he's got what it takes to stick.

Henigin said...

Robert K - KEVIN GILBRIDE is the Giants OC. We do not want him back.

Tim said...

"The 59-year-old Scherer served as assistant head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 2005 through 2008 and quarterbacks coach in Carolina in 2009 and 2010."

He's got my vote!

Dale Lolley said...

They will take their time. This is really Tomlin's first coordinator hire – Arians and LeBeau were handed to him the first time - so it's an important one. He won't rush.

It's important to note that he has talked to two former head coaches who have coached against the Steelers. I'm sure he's picking their brains to find out what they saw in their film study of Pittsburgh.

marc said...

how much would those guys realistically divulge with the reall possibility they will playing against the steelers the very next season?

Anonymous said...

marc, the giants looking like the 70s steelers is only more of a reason to root for them :)

though their runninggame isn't impressing anyone lately

marc said...

since bradshaw came back from injury the giants' RB's have averaged per game:

24 rushes - 107 yds. - 4.4 per carry.

not awesome numbers, but effective at creating balance for their offense.

Steve-O said...

I'm curious on your take, I've read conflicting reports from Ed Bouchette who thinks the Steelers aren't serious about Haley and other reporters who refer to him as a front runner. Is Haley a serious candidate or is the fear of his reputed bombastic attitude going to make him an afterthought?

adamg said...

Gilbride is a perfect example of a pass happy OC sublimating his philosophy to the wishes of his head coach.

O'Brien is headed to Penn State and McDaniels is just waiting until the SB concludes to take over officially.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't think Haley is necessarily a serious contender. As I said, he is talking to as many former head coaches as possible.

And yes, I do think they would be quite honest if they want the job.

steelpierogie said...

What about Hue Jackson or (darkhorse cantidate I'm pulling out of a hat) raiders former OC Saunders?

bruinmann77 said...

Seems like jackson is next previous head coach .so i guess he again picking brains of these coaches while trying to decide who to chose/

Henigin said...

I'm not sure I understand why Hue Jackson is such a good OC candidate. He was pretty much just a WR coach his entire career before getting the top job in Oakland last year.

bruinmann77 said...

It seems now that Tom Clements staying with the Pack what will b the next interviw for the Steelers.