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Friday, January 13, 2012

More odds and ends

Casey Hampton's partially torn ACL did not need surgery, but apparently Maurkice Pouncey's ankle did.

According to Kirk Kazienko on Twitter, he was on a flight with Pouncey out of Pittsburgh and the center's injured ankle was in a cast after having surgery.

© Sanity prevailed and Troy Polamalu's fine for using a team doctor's cell phone to calm his wife after getting his bell rung in a game earlier this season was waived upon appeal by the NFL.

© James Harrison was not fined or reprimanded for drawing a personal foul for a penalized late hit last week at Denver.

Could it be that what was called on Harrison wasn't a penalty?

© I like three of the four home teams to advance in this weekend's playoff action, but I do like Houston to make things interesting and cover against Baltimore.

The only road team I'm favoring this week is New Orleans, which will finally win the first road playoff game in team history at San Francisco.


Henry said...

Good info Dale. Was worried that Casey's knee might be career threatening.

Are you going to do a Free Agency Prediction/Assessment post?

Really curious about William Gay and what he can command on the open market? Isn't Keenan Lewis an RFA?

Dale Lolley said...

Keenan Lewis is restricted. They'll make a qualifying offer for him.
Gay will likely get a better offer elsewhere (Detroit?). There are plenty of teams in need of corner help.

I'll have a season-wrap story in Sunday's O-R. I won't get full bore into the free agency market until we get closer to that.

Robert K said...

Is it just me or should the NFL not fine players for something they do immediately AFTER being concussed? Especially something harmless like a phone call?

It seems obvious that a concussed player might not be all there at the moment.

Dale Lolley said...

Ah, but Polamalu was not concussed, according to Mike Tomlin. In fact, amazingly, the Steelers did not suffer one concussion this season. They only had players who suffered from concussion-like symptoms.

DAVE said...

Here's my take on who to root for and not to root for the rest of the way...thoughts? Who are you all pulling for?

8. Ravens - unbearable, no further explanation needed
7. Patriots - home AFC title game losses in 2001/2004 still sting us. That's all, and they're evil.
6. 49ers - as much as I like this actual team, winning the Super Bowl would give the organization 6 Lombardi's tying the Steelers for the most.
5. Packers - I'm holding a grudge from last year (and SB #2 ties Rodgers with Roethlisberger)
4. Giants - a win for Eli probably propels him past Roethlisberger for the best QB from the 04 draft, for now.
3. Saints - again, a second SB for Brees ties Ben but he's the most bearable because he's clearly better and such a good guy.
2. Texans - who cares, no one will probably even remember in 5 years who won the 2012 SB, they'll be like the Bucs of...02
1. Broncos - We can say we lost to the champs, I respect Tebow like crazy and they saved us some offseason dignity because we would have lost to the Pats or Ravens. (which would have hurt way worse than getting Tebowed)

Anonymous said...

Pretty good list. I'll be satisfied if anyone but the Ravens wins it.

Anonymous said...

Is there any news on Max Starks' injury?

Robert K said...

Honestly I wouldn't mind if the Ravens won. They are a respectable team/organization and it would grow our rivalry.

But as long as NE or the Pack don't win I'll be happy. I despise teams with video game offenses and that the league has helped create them.

Dale Lolley said...

I wouldn't be able to stomach another Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh game. That was beaten to death on Thanksgiving.

On the plus side for Steelers fans, if the Ravens were to win, Ray-Ray would likely retire.

adamg said...

At least we won't have to be bombarded by t-bow mania anymore.

People can hate on LeBeau, but he showed the way to beat offenses like NO in the Steelers win over NE.

joe said...

"sources" say dl is coming back. i have saw nothing official from the steelers about either dl or ba. did i miss it ?

DAVE said...

The more I think about it, I'd be ok with the 49ers winning it all. I could handle another Harbaugh Bowl (but only if Jim wins this one). And, as much as I don't want another team to equal the Steelers 6 Rings, we can always get the 7th and reclaim the top again.

Moreso, I also don't want to see a video game offense win it all. I want to see Defense prevail, not a team with the worst of 2nd worst D win it all.

adamg said...

Dale, can you post a link to your season wrap-up Sunday O-R story? Thanks.

Patrick said...

I couldn't find it at first either. Here is Dale's Sunday piece:


bruinmann77 said...

that link mentions nothing about dale steelers article

Dale Lolley said...

Sorry guys, because of space restrictions, we had to hold it a couple of days. It will run in Tuesday's paper.
I'll post the link and Tweet it when I goes up.