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Monday, March 26, 2012

Steelers awarded draft picks

The Steelers were awarded three compensatory picks on Monday, giving them 10 total in this year's draft.

Pittsburgh got three extra seventh-round selections, getting the 33rd selection (pick 240), 39 (246) and 41 (248).

The Steelers likely won't make a deal in the first few rounds, but moving up or down in later rounds is certainly a possibility.

While the compensatory picks cannot be traded, the extra seventh-round selections will give the Steelers the option of dealing some of their picks in the middle rounds to move up a little higher.

© William Gay signing with Arizona is not a surprise.

The fact that he signed just a two-year deal is somewhat surprising, however.

Bryan McFadden also signed a two-year deal with Arizona and found himself back in Pittsburgh a year later.

Now, he might wind up being out of football.

In my estimation, Gay is a slightly better player - because he can play in the slot - but two-year deals don't offer a lot of stability.

The Steelers expected to lose Gay, however.

With Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown in the mix behind Ike Taylor, they're fine at cornerback.


Eric T said...

Seems like more than anything, these picks will allow the Steelers to avoid a bidding war with any priority UDFA.

alexrkirby said...

I saw an article on Steelersdepot where the author suggested the Steelers use one of these pics on a kicker.

Not a bad plan. We could get the best kicker in the draft.

Dale Lolley said...

You're right, Eric. Any priority free agents they might have in mind could be taken with these picks.

But I highly doubt the Steelers will use all 10 of their picks. I'm betting they make some moves in the middle rounds.

As for a kicker, they do need some competition there.

Lance said...

I agree, I could see the Steelers moving up in mid rounds since they do not have a lot of needs, they get the 3 needs they have, OL, LB, and DL and then some projects-OL, LB, CB/S, RB, TE, etc.

It will be nice to lock up a few practice squad projects in the late 7th round and not have to compete with other teams.

I like were this team is sitting right now, a great young group on offense, with the exception of a couple OL, and a nice mix of vets and young talent on D. I think a lot of folks are going to be surprised by this team this year and they should be very competitive for the next few years.

marc said...

i wonder if most steeler fans realize how good we have it?

i live near cleveland, and the differences between the two franchises is startling. from the way they treat the players, to the media, to the fans. just absolute night and day. i couldn't even imagine being a browns fan.

then add on to that the lack of results by the brown's front office and it would just drive you crazy.

Anonymous said...

riveting tale marc

i'd love to hear more

marc said...

i'll give you a good one.

holmgren/heckert(the GM)/shurmur were under fire by the local media for a severe lack of communication leading up to free agency. now, you could argue they were being coy, but nonetheless, they didn't say ANYTHING to the locals since the season ended.

eventually, the browns decided to speak with the local media, but stipulated there were not to be ANY RECORDING DEVICES at the press conference. and yes, they did call it a press conference. the reporters were allowed to quote them and report it on the news and in the paper. it was not off the record. but no cameras, no microphones, nothing.

then, as there was naturally a backlash to this event, the next week holmgren goes on a seattle radio station for 30 minutes talking about the browns and their plans, etc.

it was unbelievable.