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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts on Wallace

Reports out of San Francisco have Mike Wallace requesting a deal worth more than Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald $120 million contract if he were going to consider joining the 49ers.

This, of course, caused a great deal of public outcry from Steelers fans, who A. Don't think Wallace is worth that kind of money, and B. think he's as good as gone.

Both statements are ridiculous.

Agents always aim high when negotiating. That's their job. If, and that's a big if, Wallace's agent told the 49ers he wanted more than Fitzgerald, so what?

That doesn't mean that's where any final contract would end up at.

Agents ask for the moon all the time. That's what they do. The team then offers a counter - if they're truly interested. And so it goes from there.

As for Wallace not being in Fitzgerald's class as a receiver, realize that in their first three NFL seasons, they both caught 24 touchdown passes, while Wallace had more yards. Fitzgerald had more receptions.

That's not a true barometer and the eye test tells me Fitzgerald is a better receiver, but agents being agents, they're going to look at the numbers.

Does this mean Wallace won't be a Steeler in 2012? Nope. In fact, if the report is true - and I do have my doubts about the veracity - Wallace will definitely be back with the Steelers this season.

And if they can't work out a deal with Wallace, there's always the possibility of using the franchise tag on him in 2013.


Dirt4HOF said...

Thank you Dale for being the voice of reason.... Again

John Kang said...

I hope MW stays in Black and Gold, but I don't think he's worth $10mil against the cap each year. His main asset is speed, and speed is something that will diminish with injury and age.

Lance said...

I have been on record since the beginning and stand by it that Wallace is not going anywhere. I agree with you Dale, if they do not sign a long term deal they will franchise him next season, providing he continues to grow as a receiver. A team would be foolish to pay the big contract and give up the first round pick. The Steelers almost always keep their own when they want to.

Steve-O said...

We're not signing any outside free agents and we're a month away from the draft. There's not much for the rumor mongers to do other than speculate on the lack of headlines that is the Steelers off season. Personally I can't wait for the draft so we can fixate on how our 7th round draft choIce is a sleeper destined for the HoF. It's what we do when we don't have anything else to discuss. Cheer up, at least we're not the J-E-T-S whose ridiculous headlines are actually true.

Nate said...

Maybe this is the optimistic fan in me speaking, but I believe Wallace's contract request was a message to the league - "the only way I'm leaving Pittsburgh in 2012 is if somebody wants to pay me like an elite receiver."

It makes sense, because Wallace thinks he is only going to get better, and he's still young. If he racks up 1,200+ yards and 10+ touchdowns this season, his price tag will go up next year. So signing a new deal this year, could actually cost him money.

Worst case scenario for Wallace is that he makes $10-11 million in 2013 with the franchise tag, and then he gets the huge contract before the 2014 season. He'd only be 27 at that time.

emac2 said...

I'm still not convinced that a long term deal with Wallace is the best answer. It might turn out to be the case but I wouldn't make a bet until after the season.

If I had to guess I would say that there is no way the Steelers keep Wallace, Brown and Sanders long term. With Brown and Sanders being good friends there seems a much better chance that they would accept team friendly deals to stay here and stay together.

Mike wants to make a statement with his contract and I have always felt that the only way you get a statement contract is if you go to a team that is bad and has to overpay. I respect his right to go that route as much as I respect the Steelers for going with a more responsible salary structure.

I do wish people would relax BTW. Having an opinion about what the Steelers should do does not mean you don't think they will be OK (whatever that means)

I would sign Cedric Benson if I was the Steelers and I would sign Wallace if I was the Bengals.

alexrkirby said...

I think its a little naive to think Mike Wallace loves the Steelers so much he is willing to pass up millions to remain with them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying he's going to pass up millions to stay with the Steelers. I'm saying that he has the opportunity to leverage a monster contract in 1 or 2 years, as opposed to a contract he can sign now.

If Wallace improves his numbers in 2012, he'll be considered an elite WR, and will be able to land Fitzgerald type money. He's not going to get that deal this year. S

Nate said...

The above comment should have been from me, not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Glad u cleared that up Nate

J/k nobody cares who u r

Dale Lolley said...

Cedric Benson. Please

emac2 said...

I like the way he runs.

I don't know if he's a bad guy or broken down but if he's healthy and only looking at back up money I like him.

bruinmann77 said...

do you still think they are still looking for bargain Fa while still waiting for getting a deal for Wallace.I have to believe the Steelers will not let a potential FA to pass if it could help our team.

Anonymous said...

WRs should be the lowest paid players. Speedy WR can be found far more easily than any other position. Order of highest income:

Left tackle
Guards and right tackle
Outside linebackers
Nose tackle
Inside linebackers
Corner backs
Outside tackles
Running backs
Wide receivers

Anonymous said...

If the Steelers would want to sign Cedric bleeping Benson(which I would expect they do not) they need to remember that they already have a plodding, one dimensional, "if you need one he'll get you three...and if you need 8 he'll also get you three" kind of running back on the roster.

Benson would be a gigantic redundancy on this roster.

marc said...

time for the young CB's to step up their game.

i find it interesting that Gay would head on over to steeler's west for only a 2 year deal. did he see the writing on the wall anyway?

the draft will be fun. any chance steeler's move up in first round for poe?

kyle said...

It would be very unsteeler-like to move up in the first to take a kid from a minor program with unimpressive tape. If he's available at 24, I'd say he's a possibility because he seems to have the best measureables as a nose prospect but moving up for him? No.

Dale Lolley said...

No, they won't trade up for Poe.

As for Benson, how many more DUIs does he have to have before he's taken off your radar.
One is a mistake. Two a trend. Three … you get the idea.