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Monday, April 09, 2012

Steelers visits thus far

Here's a list of players who have visited the Steelers thus far. Obviously, the team has 30 total players it can bring in, so this list is incomplete at this point. But there are still more than two weeks remaining before the draft.

Some of the visits will be to check on medical status, such as receiver T.Y. Hilton. Some will be smokescreens - in my opinion Mike Adams falls into this category. Others still will be players in which the Steelers have actual interest, such as Isaiah Pead.

Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams
Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobby Massie 
Miami (Ohio) guard Brandon Brooks
Colorado receiver Toney Clemons
Alabama linebacker Jerrell Harris
Regina defensive tackle Akiem Hicks
Cincinnati defensive end Derek Wolfe
Virginia defensive end Cam Johnson
West Virginia cornerback Keith Tandy 
Florida International receiver T.Y. Hilton
Cincinnati running back Isaiah Pead 
Stanford long snapper Zach Nolan


Anonymous said...

If so, then they seem to have a developing fetish for RBs with baby hands. Guys with small hands tend to break. Guys with small hands tend to fumble. Never a good combo for RBs. Thanks but no thanks.

It was mentioned on blogs that follow pro day activity that Tomlin/Colbert had more than a passing interest in Adams. Pauline said Adams was the 'apple of their eye' that day. The only two times I can recall similar PD accounts, they ended up drafting those guys. Timmons and Pouncey.

And Colbert went to both of Alabama's pro days. If I had to guess the target, if it's not Adams, then it's one of the Bama guys. Hightower, maybe Upshaw, Barron. That's too bad, from my perspective anyways. Not high on Upshaw, Hightower, or Adams.

Anonymous said...

Tony Pauline is a baboon. If that's the only person who is saying Adams was "the apple of the Steelers' eye" at his pro day, then I'd feel a lot better about them not really being that into him.

kyle said...

they used a visit on a long snapper?

Anonymous said...

I hope the newest Mychal Kendricks is in the "smokescreen" category. 2 suspensions and injury issues.

Patrick said...

I'm not saying the Steelers are set at tackle, but I'm confused as to the interest in a first round guy. Dale, assume for a min they take a tackle in the first, whats the plan? Is Colon to G a likely move? The fans have seemed to want that since the guy entered the league, but I don't remember ever hearing the Steelers entertain thought.

They are paying Colon a good bit of money and Gilbert is a 2nd rounder going into his second season, so I just don't see them going that way, but Adams has visited and weren't they also showing some interest in Martin?

bruinmann77 said...

watcj for toni Clemons the WR from Colorado and Brooks the Guard from Miami Ohio and Allen from Illini

Lance said...

Tackle does not make sense? When is the last time Colon played? There are folks out there more confident in the Guards (Legs-Foster) than the tackles, particularly Colon. Having a top flight tackle such as Adams would not be too crazy of a notion, as most tackles can play guard, but not a lot of guards play tackle. Colon is a crap shoot at best. I hope he is healthy, and I am not saying I want Adams in round 1, but I could see the thought process.

I trust the Front office to do what they always do, and am hopeful we go DL, OL, LB in the first 3 rounds. Of course I could still see us bringing ina few discount free agents at those positions as well.

Patrick said...

They are paying Colon too much money to not have some faith he can play. He could have been a cap casualty.

And I didn't say it doesn't make sense, you did. I asked who would move where assuming they took an OT in the first. Like I said, I never saw the Steelers entertain the thought of putting Colon at G, so I'm curious if they would with a guy like Adams being taken in the first.

Lance said...

Not posting specific to your comments Patrick, I have heard they would not take a tackle from several folks due to needing a guard. I was just piggybacking off your interest in if a tackle makes senes over a guard and how that would play out for Colon. My point is that in the press conference for Gilbert last year they mentioned he could play guard and many thought he would start there, so although I think we need a guard for OL, I would not be surprised with a tackle. Colbert would not say absolutely that Colon would not play guard when he was asked at the owner's meeting.

I agree they are counting on Colon at tackle this year (and here is hoping he has a healthy-productive season), but they were the last 2 years as well. I would love to see us take Kuechly, thought I doubt he makes it to 24, but that's my #1 wish, #2 would be Decastro, doubt we get him either, but here is hoping we get one of them.

I guess we will wait and see for a couple weeks. I doubt they take Adams, but I did not think they would take Heyward in rd 1 last year and I was surprisingly happy with that selection...especially after we got Gilbert in rd. 2.

Anonymous said...

I think the Steelers are looking at guys like Adams and Massie because they would be great value in the second round. If the draft unfold as we think it will, there could be little value at positions of "need" for the steelers especially if they are not sold on Donta Hightower. Therefore, they go with best player available like Mark Barron, Coby Fleener, or Stephan Hill. If they don't want to go that route, they probably try to move back and pick up extra picks in round 2 or 3. This is why they are looking at so many players who will be available in those rounds.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Steelers love interest in Adams mentioned several other places. But it is possible that they're all feeding off a single teat/source. Tho Wexell is buying in. Is he a 'baboon' too?

Anonymous said...

Adams would be a great pick in round one if they think he is a better left tackle than Gilbert, who has proven he can handle the right side. If they can pick up Brooks in the 3rd the starting line would likely be Adams, Brooks, Pouncey, Colon, Gilbert. Looks good to me!

Pistol said...

anyone know who the guys are from Pit they had in??

Anonymous said...

"Tho Wexell is buying in. Is he a 'baboon' too?"

You mean Jim "The Steelers are trading up for Mike Pouncey" Wexell? Yes, he is indeed a baboon.

Pistol said...


What's up with them bringing in all these guys w character issues anymore for these pre-draft visits??? Is it simply to A) See for themselves or B)Total smokescreen???