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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy day for Steelers

It was a busy day at the Steelers offices.

First, all the TV and radio guys picked up on the stories that Mike Wallace will be reporting soon.

I actually wrote the same thing for Tuesday's Observer-Reporter, but when the Post-Gazette reported on its web site the same thing, suddenly, the world was abuzz.

The best was when I was listening to talk radio on the way home and one of the local sports talk stations said, "The Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette broke the story that Mike Wallace might be returning to the Steelers sometime this weekend."

Think about that statement for a second.

Now, certainly Ed's story was a little more specific than mine, saying that Wallace would report sometime this weekend after the Steelers' game in Buffalo.

But the statement Wallace "might" be in this weekend isn't really breaking news and really isn't what Ed wrote. Wallace might run for president as well - though I doubt it.

It's not a big deal and it's certainly semantics, but I found it funny.

@ The second big news story of the day came once the locker room opened and Max Starks announced he would be working with the first-team offense.

It wasn't a surprise that Starks would be practicing. But putting him out with the ones was certainly newsworthy.

@ After that, it was on to James Harrison, who said he should be ready to go once the regular season opens.

That wasn't surprising either, but Harrison looked fine walking around and was moving with no issues.

@ Finally, running back Issac Redman said his MRI last week revealed his problem wasn't a groin as thought, but a hip issue near his groin.

That seemed to put him a little more at ease and he was back working Tuesday.

@ It doesn't happen often, but while the Steelers were on one field Tuesday, Pitt came out and practiced on the field right next to them - there are five total fields outside at the facility.

This allowed for the Pitt players to get a good look at the Steelers practice when they were on their way out and running back Ray Graham was all eyes as he walked by.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin yelled at him, "Hey, keep your eyes off this practice," or something to that affect, and they shared a smile and a laugh.

Tomlin then said, "I love to mess with the kids."

It gives you a little insight into why Tomlin is so respected. Yes, he's a no-nonsense kind of coach. But he's also not afraid to mix it up a little as well.

@ One other thing caught my eye after practice. Five of the team's tackles - Starks, Marcus Gilbert, Trai Essex, Mike Adams and Kelvin Beachum - were working on their sets after practice with one of the linebackers rushing against them.

The linebacker? Rookie Adrian Robinson.

Robinson goes hard 100 percent of the time and his teammates see that. It's a big reason he's going to make this team.


Anonymous said...

oh I like it! Hope they don't ease up on robinson, make the man tough!

so that's 5 olbs. Is it at all possible we only go with 3 ilbs? Is Sly in danger? Can't see them keeping both him and Brandon Johnson, but can see them moving on without either

Anonymous said...

And you still think they'll want to keep Worilds?

adamg said...

Not surprised Starks came back as first team LT. Adams doesn't look nearly ready to start.

Anonymous said...

Starks sounded a bit surprised he was being thrown back in so quickly. Do you think he's really ready? Has the feel of panic/urgency from the coaches to it. Hope it doesn't bite them in the bottom, if they are rushing him back prematurely.

Lance said...

They need to play Adams as much as possible the next 2 games. He needs to be ready, although he looks a bit suspect right now. I am very concrned if Starks is the starter, as I would hate to lose him for the season rather than let him play when he is 100%. I just can't see him being there right now.

Perhaps they are trying to light a fire under Adams, he has all the talent in the world, maybe they are seing what motivates him. Either way our line will be better than last year. part of me thinks you go with Adams and see where he is at in 4-6 weeks, he may gel better over time with the rest of the unit.

Dale Lolley said...

Worilds isn't going anywhere. They can certainly keep five outside linebackers

adamg said...

Worilds reportedly won't even be able to have full function in his wrist whenever it is he returns. He doesn't have the proven track record of Woodley, Harrison, Timmons or Foote so if he's limited in how he can play, he's not so far ahead of Carter, Johnson or even Robinson, all of whom ARE healthy, that he merits being kept around over one of them.

The only real reason he might make the team is because Tomlin insisted on drafting him and is still bullish on him. Otherwise Worilds has done nothing of note to secure a roster spot.

Anonymous said...

Seriously adamg hating on Worilds?

While not forgetting there is more to OLB play, he put more pressure on Quarterbacks's per rush last year than Clay Matthews, Tambi Hali and Lamarr Woodley. (Seems like something of note to me)

This guy is a starter on most other teams.

How many times does Dale have to say "Worilds isn't going anywhere" before you guys get it?

Anonymous said...


Dale Lolley said...

Nothing of note is seven stars, 34 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble for Worilds in 2011.

Extrapolate that over the course of a full season and you have 70-plus tackles, six or seven sacks and a couple of forced fumbles. Not a great season, but hardly shabby.
He's not going to be cut. End of story.

Patrick said...

the problem is here, that the fan expectations for Steelers LBers are high, especially for ones drafted early.

Hes a 2nd pick who isn't Lamar Woodley.

But he certainly isn't Alonzo Jackson, and far from it.

He is a good backup with a serious wrist injury at the moment. Chances are hes a starter either here or with some other team in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Mike Bhires broke the story, Dale.

Dale Lolley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale Lolley said...

I wrote Monday for Tuesday's paper that Wallace was expected back soon. Bires reported Tuesday morning - though there has been no verification - on his Twitter account that Wallace was in Pittsburgh.
Bouchette reported Tuesday afternoon that Wallace was expected to report sometime this weekend.
But the radio report said that Bouchette broke the news that Wallace might report this weekend.
To me, the funny thing was saying that Ed was "breaking" that Wallace "might" report.
First, it's not what Ed wrote. Second, can you really break something that "might" happen.

Anonymous said...

my sources tell me Wallace will be back soon

Pistol said...

I think a lot of the resentment towards Worilds is that everyone knows that they could have had Sean Lee and until Coach T put his stamp on Worilds they were picking him. People remember that and i think and are bitter. You know i am.

Anonymous said...

by the way, i actually glanced at the schedule is it that 5 of the last 7 games are division games with 3 in a row at one point? the ravens and browns don't play back-to-back even one time this season. the bengals are doubled up 3 separate times.

the problem i have with that is 1) it's unequal relative to the other teams in the division and 2) one or two untimely injuries could wipe out the team's chance to win the division.

it just caught my eye and reminds me how every year there is something goofy with the schedule that one team or another has ask "how did you guys not catch this?"

Anonymous said...

i know there are some complaints about the schedule every year (excpet maybe last year) but this year's schedule is seriously the worst ever

they also play the Ravens twice in three weeks

adamg said...

A couple years ago, the NFL decided to backload division games to because in prior years teams that already clinched playoff spots often treated end of the season games like preseason, pulling key starters and not really caring if they won or lost, only that they came out of the game healthy. This happened even if the game was important to the opponent or might figure in other teams' playoff chances.

The logic of the back loaded division games is to ensure the above scenario happens only very infrequently from now on.

Anonymous said...

i recall that, but the steelers are the only ones who are really backloaded here.

steelers - 5 of last 7 divisional.
ravens - 3 of last 7.
browns - 2 of last 7.
bengals - 2 of last 7.

the only real similarity is that they all play each other in the last week.

i like the idea of having all divisional games on the last weekend, but the steelers scenario is excessive, imo.

adamg said...

FTR, Worilds 3 sacks came against a woeful St Louis offense that gave up 55 qb sacks in 2011.

alexrkirby said...

I think I did read somewhere that most of Worlids sacks were just coverage sacks. He really hasn't flashed anything.

If he can start, get a little pressure and stop the run I would be happy.

I'm looking for Clark Haggans not Harrison the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

im not a big fan of Worilds but he is only 24 and i think they will keep him

Dale Lolley said...

Only two of Worilds sacks came against the Rams

Anonymous said...

Guys, Worilds got good total pressure when playing not just sacks.