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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving along

The Steelers on Tuesday activated Max Starks from the PUP list, meaning he will likely be ready to start the season at left tackle for them - at least that's their hope.

In the meantime, the Steelers will continue to work Marcus Gilbert at LT as their emergency plan with rookie Mike Adams out with a knee injury.

Starks won't fully practice until Friday and won't see action against Indianapolis in their preseason game Sunday. But expect him in the lineup when the Steelers travel to Buffalo Aug. 26.

@ Running back John Clay apparently tore his quad muscle at practice Sunday and was waive/injured Tuesday.

With the roster space, the Steelers added former Houston Texans running back Jay Ford, a 5-10, 238-pound fireplug.

Ford looks like a fullback, though I can't find a lot of background info on him.


Anonymous said...

why hasn't DRC been fined/suspended for his hit on Leftwich?

That was way dirtier than anything Harrison has ever done.

What a joke. Goodell is a clown

Lance said...

I am suprised Starks is this close to ready to play after only 7months. I am glad to have him, but I hope he is not being rushed back. It's a long season.

kelly said...

Some info on Ford.

Looks like he can play both FB and RB. Maybe fill a short yardage role.