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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday news and notes

Rookies Mike Adams and David DeCastro will get the starts at left tackle and right guard, respectively, against the Eagles.

Adams will start because he's been better than Trai Essex at left tackle. DeCastro will be in there because Willie Colon is out with a sore ankle and Ramon Foster has shifted over to left guard.

I keep on seeing that Adams and DeCastro have been disappointing. I haven't seen it that way. In fact, let's wait until they play a couple of preseason games before we pass any judgment.

After all, Maurkice Pouncey didn't win the starting job until that third preseason game.

@ Cam Heyward is also out for Thursday's game, though I haven't been able to get to the bottom of why.

Heyward practiced Sunday and appeared fine. Then, he wasn't around on Tuesday.

@ It appears Cortez Allen will start in place of Keenan Lewis.

Lewis has been battling through a sore AC joint in his right shoulder, but it appears the team won't let him test it in a game.

Allen, by the way, has been the better of the two at training camp. Both, however, will see plenty of playing time, regardless of who wins the starting job.

@ I have really liked what I've seen of first-year quarterback Jerrod Johnson.

The big guy (6-5, 251) is extremely light on his feet and throws a nice ball.

He got a chance to run the two-minute offense Tuesday and didn't disappoint, leading his unit to a score on a pass over the middle to Derrick Williams. It was a nice throw and catch and I could see Johnson beating out Charlie Batch for the No. 3 job.

@ Tyler Beiler had a couple of nice catches on Tuesday and could be making a case for himself to stick on this roster.

With Mike Wallace still holding out, there is room for at least two of the "other" receivers in this camp to make the roster.

Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that the group has been inconsistent behind the top three, but Beiler is probably the most consistent of the group.


alexrkirby said...

I think we all had unrealistic expectations with Decastro. Expecting a rookie to come into camp and just dominate from day one isn't smart.

The talk on him was that he was more of a tactician than an elite athlete. Maybe it will take a season for him to get his strength up.

Anonymous said...

Wallace said he wasn't signing his tender until he had to. I thought he meant before camp, but its looking like he meant Week 10.

bruinmann77 said...

it nice hearing about JJ this kid was very good before being hurt and Batch will always be around.How dis Clemmons look today we need him to be a player w/o Wallace not being here.Dale what your take on when Wallace will come back will he hold out until week ten.If Walace is a no show this preseason will the steelers look for a veteran WR?

Bob Codding said...

Dale , a reporter on twitter said something about Heyward back .......He could have got hit in his back.........

Jersey Mike said...

I read that Heyward is out because he got rolled over from behind in the last practice before today. I think its just a tweak in his back.

Jersey Mike said...

I read that Heyward got rolled over from behind in the last practice b4 today. I think he just tweaked his back.

Dale Lolley said...

I think Wallace will be back once they break camp and return to Pittsburgh

Steve-O said...

According to the an article I just read Mike Tomlin is no longer supportive of Wallace. Do you get the same sense or is that just one writer's opinion?

Anonymous said...

Has there been a training camp in recent memory where Roethlisberger's foot was NOT stepped on?

Anonymous said...

my sources tell me...

Heyward has a broken back
DeCastro is a bust
Wallace is not welcome back

alexrkirby said...

Quit posting anonymously Warren Sapp. No likes you here.