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Friday, January 25, 2013

Has Pro Bowl run its course?

According to Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, some 32 players asked out of the Pro Bowl this year, opening the doors for 32 other players to make it to the NFL's All-Star game.

But is it really an All-Star game if 32 of the game's best - as voted by the fans, players and coaches - choose not to play?

I'd say no.

Add to those 32 who have asked out of the game or not been able to play because their team is in the Super Bowl the dozens of players who declined invitations because of existing injuries - such as Steelers safety Ryan Clark - and you're looking at guys playing in this game who were voted the third, fourth-best or worse player at their position in their conference competing in the all-star game.

It's time for the farce to come to an end.

And let's not even talk about the way the game is played. The league is begging for players to take this game seriously. Fat chance of that when they've got millions of dollars at stake if they get injured.

The solution? Forget playing the game. Name the Pro Bowl teams and let them take their trip to Hawaii or some other warm-weather site - after the Super Bowl - to ensure that the NFL's best players attend.

And have a ceremony showing highlights from the player's season. Give out the awards for MVP and other honors. Make it an event and tie it in to some kind of charity.

But for the love of God, quit playing a game that the players don't care about and the fans really don't want to see.


Anonymous said...

Ran it's course about 15 years ago....if not longer.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about having the Senior Bowl as a replacement? I thought that was a neat idea.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea Dale. If they want to make even more money out of it they host some kind of a skills challenge event (I'm thinking something along the lines of NBA all star weekend) that would have them playing the game in shorts and their jerseys. Make a QB long throw event, 50 yard dashes for WR's and RB's respectively then see who wins between the fasted RB and WR. Anything along those lines would draw ratings. Advertisers would still get their commercials, make it a three hour event and it would work just fine as a replacement for the two-hand touch game that the Pro Bowl has become.

Dale Lolley said...

That wouldn't bother me either, but you'd run into the same problem with not all of the top guys being there because of injuries and such. But at least it would be something more meaningful - and chatter worthy - than the Pro Bowl.

Whack said...

Git-er Done Dale ... you have our support.

Patrick said...

maybe the Senior bowl should be played and the day before a skills competition with the seniors and NFL Pro Bowlers involved. Who wouldn't want to see how pre-draft Andrew Luck measured up to Tom Brady?

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady wouldn't.

Pistol said...


Any players at the senior bowl that the steelers paid more attention to than others?? They usually end up w/ a couple guys from there every year.


Dale Lolley said...

The Steelers don't usually telegraph who they are interested in at the Senior Bowl. They talk to everyone. The on campus workouts and private visits are where you can zero in.

Anonymous said...

The Pro Bowl is exactly what football looks like when the players play it safe. No hard hits, all offense and boring as dirt. It should be a lesson to the NFL whenever they consider rules changes.