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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Worst nightmare

The worst possible thing that could have happened has happened for most NFL fans.

It will be the Ravens vs. the 49ers in the Super Bowl this year.

That in itself isn't so bad. There should be plenty of story lines for this game.

But they will all be overshadowed by the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh stories that will be churned out as if they've never been done before.

Did you know that John and Jim Harbaugh are brothers? Brothers!

They even share the same parents.

We saw all of this in 2012 when the Ravens and 49ers met for a Thanksgiving Day game when the story was played to death. It will all be hashed and rehashed again in the next two weeks. Ugh!

@ For Steelers fans, the Ravens making the Super Bowl is a good thing.

We already knew that Ray Lewis was going to retire at the end of this season. But with Baltimore making it this far, there's a good chance that some of the other Ravens' longtime vets hang it up after this game as well.

Ed Reed, Bryant McKinnie, Anquan Boldin and Matt Birk are four others who come to mind, which would leave Baltimore with some big shoes to fill.

And then there's this: With each playoff win, Joe Flacco's pricetag goes up another $10 or so million.

Flacco has played pretty well in these playoffs, but I'm still not a big fan. I don't think he's an elite talent at quarterback. But he's going to have to be paid as if he is now.


DAVE said...

well, that's a nice optimistic way to look at it. I hate it.

Root for the Ravens to win, bleh OR root for SF to equal the Steelers 6 titles...bleh.

If I must, I choose SF.

Dale Lolley said...

You should care less if somebody "ties" the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. They did that before - then the Steelers won more.
That should be your main focus - the Steelers winning more.

Anonymous said...

If Flacco isn't elite right now, neither is Ben. Elite isn't a club with lifetime membership.

Anonymous said...

At least the Patriots are out of it. That's the only prize here for Steeler's fans.

The Ravens have won a Superbowl before with an inferior quarterback before and they have a chance to do it again. Maybe Ray Lewis will win the MVP again. The only difference possibly will be that the Backstreet Boys won't sing the national anthem this time.

Mrs. Issac Redman

John Kang said...

It's a sad day when I root for the Ravens. But if they do win:
1. SF won't tie us with 6 rings.
2. Maybe some vets will hang it ut
3. Ravens salary cap will be hit by an expensive Joe Flacco.

kyle said...

Wow. Talk about poor in-game decisions and clock management. Were the "Fire Tomlin" crowd watching their hero, Belichick in that game? When Talib went out and they kicked that second field goal, I knew it was over and that was fairly early. And he skipped out on the post game interview. Classy.

John in Unorganized Borough said...

lol John Kang, why would you repeat what everyone else has already said like as if they were your ideas to begin with, then even numbering them. Any thoughts of your own there bud?

I'll go for the Ratbirds, hoping that on draft day the 49ers take the player at 31 that the Ratbirds were hoping would fall to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy they get a crappy draft pick, but it'll be a cold day here in Tempe before I root for the Ravens. As Steeler fans, we all know the talent level of the thirtyfirst first rounder.
Bold prediction: Late hit by a ratbird brings in Alex Smith to win the super bowl.

Zac in Tempe

Dale Lolley said...

Ben's passer rating was 100.0 - fifth in the league - before his injury. He was playing at an elite status. Had the Steelers sitting with a 6-3 record despite their defensive troubles early in the season.
He's a better QB than Flacco. I'm not saying Flacco isn't good at times. But if you take Ray Rice away from him, his numbers don't look nearly as good. His completion percentage to his wideouts is terrible. Always has been.

DAVE said...

This is me hitting "like" on your comment about Flacco, Dale.

I've never gotten the Flacco love. Like you said, good at times. I keep waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Here's hoping for a 3+ turnover game for Joe in the Super Bowl.

Viktor said...

I think Torrey Smith was also a big part as to why the Ravens are in the SB.
I prefer having the Ravens in there rather than the Pats; whom haven't been there since they don't know the plays ahead of time.

Dale Lolley said...

Oh, the Pats have been there, Viktor. Were there last year. Just haven't won one since 2004.

Viktor said...

I stand corrected sir.

marc said...

makes me sick to see the, "it's flacco's time" bull crap. he is not elite, by any stretch. as many teams showed this season, take ray rice out of the picture and flacco all of a sudden is pedestrian at best. the 49ers will roll in this game, you watch.

but, i was not surprised the ravens won. let's see, the team that plays better defense, runs the ball better, and hits harder won the game. go figure.

you can talk about "a passing league" all you want. at the end of the day you need to run the ball and play hard hitting defense to win in the playoffs. the two teams left standing do both of those things extremely well, and probably better than any other teams in the playoffs.

i'm rooting for the 49ers all the way. vernon davis is gonna make ray lewis look like a fool and willis is gonna knock someone out. i can't wait.

Dale Lolley said...

I think the 49ers win this as well. I think the early line is 4, but I see that going up to around 6.

I'm guessing 49ers, 24-17, but could adjust that number upwards once I start looking more at this game.

Anonymous said...

I think ravens win, somehow, someway. Everything has broke there way this year. The chargers game, reed being suspended then unsuspended, the fluke 70 yd pass in denver, gronk not playing, half of the pats secondary going down . . . .

Seems like the planets have aligned for them

Lance said...

I could not agree more with marc. The two left standing run the ball well when they need to and play solid defense. I think Haley was on the right track with Ben before Ben's injury, here is hoping the 2nd year with his offense is even better. I am confident our D will be solid enough again last year, but we need to get some turnovers.

Either way, we need to run the ball well and pressure the QB next year, a simple formula that works. I for one will not be pulling for either team, but I think SF wins by at least 10, I just do not think the Ravens D is quick enough to cover a balanced attack, but we will see, that is why they play the game, right?

TarheelFlyer said...

I think the 49ers win this game, but only barely.

Ben was playing at elite status, having probably his best year ever, prior to the injury. Let's not forget there was also a baby born around that time. Fatigue could have played a factor after that. First kids have a way of doing that.

I would like to see the Steelers continue the path of upgrading their line and adding a physical receiver like Smith or D. Thomas or Boldin. Not necessarily tall, but physical.

I believe we will see a defense heavy draft, but with strategic picks for the offense. I also believe we bring in multiple guys as UDFA at the RB position.

I look forward to Haley's 2nd year. I think what most people criticize about his dink and dunk offense is that it doesn't take a lot of shots down the field, but in order to do that you have to be able to run the ball on some level. 1-2 yards doesn't require any help from the safeties and they don't bite on the PA. That running game must be able to contribute on some level.

marc said...

tarheelflyer is dead on.

if you recall, the run game was pathetic in the early part of the season. they tried to run, but unsuccessfully, which let opposing defenses leave their safety back in coverage. not many opportunities to go deep when that happens.

run the ball well, make the teams bring more guys in the box, produces one-on-one on the outside, which produces deep play opportunities. same goes for the PA opportunities that tarheelflyer suggested.


Anonymous said...

How old was the bus when he came over from the Rams? How old is Steven Jackson right now?

Anonymous said...

Bettis was 24. Jackson is going to be 30 soon.

Anonymous said...

Senior Week. Is Tomlin there? And any chance he comes home with a spiffy new OL coach and maybe another ST coach as well?

Dale Lolley said...

Good chance the hires will be soon

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that the ravens will win this one...ray is the league's golden couldn't write a better script.

Anonymous said...

hope the 49ers win

Ray retires anyway, maybe Reed too or leaves as a FA, and the 49ers tying us gives the team incentive to win another one

Race to 7th, wouldn't that be a beautiful matchup for the super bowl in snowy (hopefully) New york?

marc said...

nfl's perfect script includes a LB charged in a murder case, pleads down to obstruction of justice and no one is ever found guilty of the crime?

i will be very interested in the questions at SB media day. if no one brings up the murder to lewis, then you know the media has been influenced by the nfl.

Dan said...

I couldn't disagree with you more about the 6 Super Bowls not being important. That's the point of all of this. We waited for 25 long years to get the "One for the Thumb" and watched the 49ers and Cowboys pass us by. Now that we're bkac on top, there's nothing that I want more in my football fandom than to have the Steelers stay on top of that count for as long as possible.

A Ravens victory seems to be a clear cut best outcome for Steelers fans in terms of preservation of legacy, messing with the Raven's cap (Flacco with a Super Bowl MVP will be much more expensive), and motivation for the Steelers.