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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New bowl game

There will be a new bowl game coming up March 15 in Florence, Ala., at the University of North Alabama's Braly Stadium for late-round draft prospects and prospective free agents.

The Prograss International Scout Bowl will feature players from NCAA Division I, I-A, II and III and replace the defunct Cactus/Snow Bowl. There will also be some international players invited to play as well.

The coaching staff for the South team will include Mike Gottfried, a former Pitt head coach, while Johnny Majors has also signed on.

The North squad coaching staff will include former California University of Pennsylvania and Washington & Jefferson College coach John Luckhardt.

The former Cactus Bowl, which started in 1994 as the Snow Bowl, featured a number of future NFL players over the years, including Jahri Evans, Leonard Weaver, John Kuhn, Delanie Walker, Brandon Carr and Zach Miller.


Anonymous said...

Guessing most won't give a crap, but I'm glad to hear it. There's a lot of overlooked underdeveloped diamond's in the rough types at these levels. But they don't get much of an opportunity to showcase themselves. Most have to try to attach to some other school's proday to get a look, and they don't get the same treatment as the school's players. So this is like one giant proday for these guys. Hopeful they put them thru proday drills and not just practice/game. Right in the middle of the proday calendar too. Hope it's well received, cuz I think it's a good idea.

marc said...

good for the kids, maybe not for the better talent evaluators in the nfl.

if there's an unknown kid at some D-II school that you really like, you'd rather he stay unknown so you can grab him later in the draft or as an UDFA. bringing more attention to these kids makes that less likely to occur.

Anonymous said...

these teams could beat Pitt

Dale Lolley said...

As I mentioned, there's been a nice run of talent in these type of games in recent years. With the reductions in scholarships over the years, more kids are slipping to I-A, D-II and III.
The better players at those levels still end up playing in some of the all-star bowls, but this does give everyone a shot to see these kids practice for a week

Anonymous said...

Googled their official site. No tentative rosters yet, but it does look like they'll be put thru a combine/proday routine, getting measured and clocked every which way. Good. The NFLPA bowl did that last year too. Haven't seen any mention of it this year tho. Too bad.

James II said...

Is Keith Butler a possibility for the Eagles Defensive Coordinator job?

Pistol said...


What rounds you think they go WR this year?? I think they are gonna need one in round 3(swope or ) and then a late one or do u think they go WR in round 1(woods, hunter, patterson)

Dale Lolley said...

I'm thinking second round for WR unless there's one they fall in love with as a possible first rounder.
The talent at that position seems to be located in picks 30-60, though that could change if somebody runs better at the combine than expected.

I'm really thinking first round safety or pass rusher.