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Friday, March 22, 2013

Interest in Freeny, Dumervil? Eh

There are reports citing league "sources" that the Steelers are interested in free agents Dwight Freeney and Elvis Dumervil as a possible replacement for James Harrison.
My first thought is, eh.
I just don't see either being a significant upgrade over Jason Worilds at this point in their careers - at least not for the money it would cost the Steelers to bring one of them in.
The 33-year-old Freeney had five sacks in an injury-riddled 2012 season. IF we were talking about Freeney circa 2008, it would be different. That Freeney would be worth whatever money you had to spend on him. This one is not.
As for Dumervil, yes he's younger than Freeney. And yes, he's been productive over the past three seasons, recording 37.5 sacks. But what else is he going to bring to the table for you? He's got five pass defenses in the past three seasons.
Harrison wasn't great dropping into coverage. In fact, he didn't have a pass defense in any of the past two seasons. But he did have five in 2010. And his play against the run - in addition to his pass rush ability - was and has always been what has made him a great player. 
The Steelers currently have just $2 to $ 3-million in cap space, surely not enough to put them in the conversation with Dumervil. They would likely have to release a veteran or two to free up the cash to sign him.
Besides, they still have Jason Worilds.
In know, some of you hate Worilds for whatever reason. But he has been productive when he's played in the past two seasons. In fact, he had five sacks last season - showing great burst to the quarterback - in limited playing time while also defending two passes.
With another offseason and training camp under his belt, he could be a nice workable part, with the potential to be a good replacement for Harrison or bridging the gap for somebody else to do so - Chris Carter or a draft pick.
The Steelers will see a $5.5-million windfall in June when Willie Colon's release goes on the books. That money can be used to sign their draft picks and sign another veteran to fill whatever need the Steelers don't take care of in the draft - or a luxury item such as bringing Max Starks back.
But the current cap space could be better used to sign a player such as Ahmad Bradshaw, a running back who has stated publicly that the Steelers have shown an interest in him. That's a source that I trust.


Dan G. Switzer, II said...

Just curious, can the Steelers sign a FA right now. Give him a 2m signing bonus now, with a guaranteed XX roster bonus come June 1st when Colon's money shows up on the books?

I would seem like they might be able to get creative like that with the contract. In essence giving someone money right now, with the rest of the signing bonus coming in June.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm not sure if you can give a roster bonus for the year you signed a player. That would probably count as a likely to be earned bonus and therefore count immediately.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Jason Worilds. Liked him when he was in college. Happy when they drafted him. His first step was, and still is, fantastic....

...that said, he has looked a lot better playing Sam than he has playing Will to this point. I don't think anyone who doesn't feel like he is the answer at Will yet is coming out of left field or "just hatin' to hate."

Anonymous said...

If Ahmad Bradshaw is healthy they NEED to get that done. Perfect ZBS back.

Pistol said...

Give me Sean Lee over Worilds in that draft every single time and twice on Sunday. I dont hate Worilds i think he is serviceable but Steelers fans have been really spoiled with the past few guys they had there. HUGE shoes to fill.

Joe Jones said...


Worilds can start, but we could use a situational pass rusher for 3rd downs. (Freeny)

Sure the bright minds on here think Worilds can be an average player, maybe good, but the fact that the Steelers have looked at such as Freeny, Dumerville, Jarvis Jones, etc. tells me that they are leaning more towards hoping that Worilds could be solid at best.

Anonymous said...

Or that they don't feel he's a true fit at the Will either.

Ron Kurimsky said...

If you can't see Frreny & Dummerville being a drastic improvement to Worlids "YOU ARE IN DIRE NEED OF GETTING YOUR EWYESIGHT CHECKED".

kyle said...

Well, Ron, I guess I should schedule an appointment for my EWYESIGHT because I have never even seen Frreny or Dummerville.

Good lookin' out.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like someone who's never seen Freeney try to play in space or vs. the run. Or Dumervil, for that matter.

Dale Lolley said...

You're trusting anonymous "league sources" who say the Steelers are interested.
Got news for you. Pretty much any decent player who becomes available on the market is going to get a call from the Steelers.
They want to know what he's asking for. Touch base with the agent. Doesn't mean they necessarily want to sign him. It's doing due diligence.
But agents use that to say, "these teams are interested in my client. They called about him."
It's all BS.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to 'anonymous league sources', they are more credible than known Gerry Dulac.

Anonymous said...

Ravens agree to terms with Dumervil.