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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sanders meets with New England

Steelers restricted free agent Emmanuel Sanders was in New England to meet with the Patriots.

The Steelers put regular tender on Sanders, meaning they have the right to match any offer he receives as a free agent or receive a third-round pick in return from the Patriots.

Of course, that has yet to happen, and there hasn't been a lot of movement in restricted free agents over the pat few years.

In other Steelers news, guard Willie Colon wasn't out of work long, signing a one-year, $1.2-million deal with the New York Jets.

It's a good signing for both signing the Jets and Colon, who has a lot to prove after three injury-riddled seasons.

It's interesting that Colon was out of work less time than James Harrison, who isn't getting the kind of interest he thought he would on the open market.

That doesn't mean Harrison is likely to think about returning to Pittsburgh. His pride, which already wouldn't let him accept a pay cut from the Steelers, likely wouldn't let him come back for a lesser contract after being released.

Meanwhile, the Steelers met with Beanie Wells, Victor Butler and Kellen Davis on Friday, but all left town without contracts.

That doesn't mean the Steelers won't sign them, but they'll wait while the free agent market softens up.

@ ESPN is reporting the Steelers signed former draft pick Matt Spaeth, who spent the past two seasons with Chicago.

I guess that means they won't be signing Davis.

Spaeth had just six receptions for 28 yards in Chicago last season, serving mainly as a blocker.


Anonymous said...

There is precedent with the Pats tho. Sorta how they got Welker. Not technically a RFA deal because they ended up trading for him. But it really was. Pats were set to sign him to an offer sheet and give up a 2nd. Ended up sweetening with a 7th so Miami would back off any ideas of matching and to box out any other potential suitors.

Anonymous said...

So the only decent draft picks in the 4 last years all walk in their prime.

Great job Kevin Colbert! How's the Beanie Wells deal coming along?

Patrick said...

I said this might happen, and everyone called me crazy. If you have a late 3rd rounder, Sanders may be worth it. Also, its a HUGE blow to the Steelers who would have to add another has been veteran (though I wouldn't mind Heyward-Bay for the speed) and a gaggle of rookies.

A second round tender would have costs an additional 700K and I highly doubt anyone is taking him with their 2nd. Its debatable whether they should have done upped the tender, if Sanders goes, but adding another decent veteran might be more than a $700k charge.

On to another topic, not that I blame Colbert for drafting well and losing that talent, but Dale, was there a misunderstanding by the Steelers of how much the cap might increase over the past few years? It seems like they went heavy on a bunch of guys and assumed they would have future wiggle room. Yes they build their contracts to restructure and yes they are always tight against the cap, but cutting lose Harrison and not offering Lewis a deal were clearly because of cap problems. They may have franchised Wallace had they some room (which would of meant someone else going, I'm not saying they would typically keep Harrison, Lewis, Wallace).

Dale Lolley said...

Everyone was hearing the cap was going to go up considerably this year. Don't know when that outlook changed since it's based on revenues.

As for Sanders, he hasn't gone anywhere yet. They have a right to match.

As for the best four picks in the past four years, that's hardly the case. You're telling me that a No. 3 receiver is better than Pouncey, Brown, Hood, Allen or even a Jason Worilds? I would have to respectfully disagree.

Last season was the first time Sanders has stayed on the field all 16 games. He scored one TD.

Dale Lolley said...

I should add, at this point, he hasn't even signed an offer with the Patriots.

I think they'd love an extra third, if it came down to it, in this draft.

They could take Tavon Austin in the first, stay where they're at and take a safety such as Matt Elam in the second, take a RB (Montee Ball) and OLB (Corey Lemonier) in the third and people would be calling it a great draft.

OR they could even trade a third to move up in the second and get a player they covet, knowing they have another third. It would open a ton of options to restock on the fly.

Pistol said...

I wish they would sign him! Then we might get a receiver who actually runs the right routes and isnt made of glass. Give me Austin or Hopkins and Swope all day.

Pistol said...

Wow i said "we" my bad just got a little wound after seing Sanders get all this attention lol

Dale Lolley said...

It's OK pistol. WE understand. Lol
Of course, I'm talking about the royal we.

Anonymous said...

What in gawds holy name are you blathering about?

Offseason is starting off like a Coen Bro movie.

Nothing is effed? The gawdamn plane has crashed into the mountain!

Pistol said...

Well played sir, well played.

Anonymous said...

I've been sayin tavon Austin for the last month. I like Hopkins from Clemson too but Austin is the real deal. Not only is he a great receiver that creates separation, he can line up in the back field, (21 caries for 344 yards against Oklahoma) and return kicks. Our depth is weak in a lot of offensive positions and he can help filll the void. I've had at least 6 windsor and cokes and just smoked some s**t that would make santonio Holmes jealous but if Jarvis jones is gone by pick 17 Austin should be the choice.

Robbie said...

I'm calling my shot: Steelers sign Nate Washington once Tennessee releases him.

Anonymous said...

Matt Spaeth?

Kevin Colbert is just effing with us now.

Mizou said...

NFLNetwork reporting that Sanders has signed the offer sheet.

No details on what the offer is, and the Steelers do have the right to match.

Very possible, however, that the Pats have front-loaded the contract in a way that would make it incredibly difficult for the Steelers to match. In fact, I would bet on them doing so if they're that interested in Sanders.

Mark said...

Where do you see that, Mizou?

I went to, and Rosenthal updated his article this morning at 7:09 AM. Still the same story: Dulac reports the offer sheet was signed, while Dale (and ESPN) says that nothing has been seen yet.

Alex K said...


Do you really think the Steelers like Austin? Don't you think his size would be an issue at the 17th pick?

Joe Jones said...

St Louis picks before us, so I'm guessing Austin will be gone.

I like Keenan Lewis way better anyway.

ibygeorge said...

If Burress lives up to expectations, there's nothing wrong with Brown, Cotch, & Burress. I see them outperforming yacky money. We need some speed with good hands added at RB to make it work though.

Chris said...

If the Patriots releasing Brandon Lloyd is leading to them signing Emmanuel Sanders, what are the chances we can use some of that money to sign Lloyd. Granted he'd cost more, but trading Sanders for Lloyd + a 3rd rounder would be a blessing.

Mizou said...


It was on the little ticker that always runs underneath the programming on the NFL Network channel. After seeing it again, I realized that they were citing the PPG as the source, which we know was wrong in the report.

drinkyourmilkshake said...

Ughh Lloyd is a slower, lazier Antonio Brown with horrible hands and a worse attitude.

kyle said...

Are you the DYMS from Behind the Steel Curtain? If you are then I'm surprised to see you say something so ridiculous. Antonio Brown is a lot of things but he is not by any stretch of the imagination lazy.

drinkyourmilkshake said...

I am. I didn't mean Brown is lazy, just that Lloyd is lazy. Guess that was a poor choice of words. I just meant everything that makes Brown special, Lloyd doesn't have.

kyle said...

Understood. Thanks.