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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The sky is not falling

Fans tend to look at things in a vacuum. They are so intent on what's going on with their favorite team that they don't look around at what's happening with everyone else.

And that's what we've had the past couple of weeks with the Steelers, who have released Willie Colon and James Harrison and lost Mike Wallace and Keenan Lewis in free agency.

Depending on who you listen to, the Steelers are looking at having the first-overall pick in next year's draft to being so bad that everyone in the front office and on the coaching staff will be fired.

But when you look at what's happened to the Steelers - none of which was a surprise - it pales in comparison with what's going on in Baltimore.

With Ed Reed's signing with Houston Wednesday, the Ravens are now down eight starters. Eight!

And we're not even close to being done with free agency at this point.

Cincinnati, despite having a ton of salary cap space, has lost linebacker Manny Lawson without making any significant upgrades.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, the Browns have been active in free agency, but are still lacking in the most important position on the field, quarterback.

The bottom line is that nothing happens in a vacuum. And there will be other moves made both in free agency and in the draft.

There's several months for things to play out, including the all-important draft.


marc said...

dale, i agree with you, things will be just fine. but i don't think you can look to the draft as a place where the steelers will fill holes for the upcoming season. based on their draft history and the way the groom younger players, no one in the upcoming draft will make a significant contribution to the team this next season.

Pistol said...


Do you think there is any possibility to the steelers taking Bray or Jones in say the 3-4 round range?? Just read a lot about them meeting w these guys etc.. im guessing smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that the Steelers are pinning too much on the draft at this point. They might get lucky and get a RB that can make a difference. My worse fear is that they draft another prima donna WR. It looks like they will not draft a TE early.

Anonymous said...

I believe we are genuinely interested in Bray, he met with them at the combine as well. They like him as a potential high ceiling QB project who would be a value pick in the mid-rounds. "Smokescreen" is oft overused IMO.
Say what you will about his off the field concerns, but you can't deny his arm strength and pocket presence at 6'6'', 230lbs. Is there better QB prospects? Perhaps. But I'd take Bray over Matt Barkley (Who will be Sanchez 2.0) at this point based on potential to be a starting QB in this league.
Bray's about the same size as Ben was coming out of college. Different styles of play though, for sure. I feel Bray compares more to Tom Brady coming out of Michigan in terms of possessed skillset entering the NFL Draft.

Tom said...

Dale, do you believe that Cordarelle Patterson could be the guy we grab at 17? Recent press clippings have been gushing about Tomlin's interest in the Tennessee receivers (Hunter as well)

Dale Lolley said...

This season won't be like most. In previous years, you were looking at very good teams with few holes. Rookies are going to play this year.

As for the Tennessee guys, I don't think they take a QB before the fifth round, so Bray could be gone.

I'm not a huge Patterson fan. He's too raw for my liking to take in the first round. Hunter in the second would be of interest.

Lance said...

Everyone thinks the sky is falling because we lost:

**A RB who started 3 games
**An OLB who missed a chunk of the season and took 6 more games to start to look good again
**A corner who played well, but took 3 years to see the field
**A WR who is a pro bpwler with great spped, but looked average when playing for a contract

I for one will trust the organization on this, everyone freaked out when peezy left and then Harrison stepped in, this has been happening here for quite a while, is Worilds ready? is Allen ready? Will Sanders step up? We will see, but there is no reason to panic.

Anonymous said...

It must seriously suck to be a Bengals fan. They best two teams in the division are shedding salary/players at an alarming rate, the Browns are inching towards respectability, and the Bengals....sitting there with a pretty solid OL, defense, WRs, QB and a ton of cap space....are basically doing nothing(well, they did tag Johnson).

They could've put a real stranglehold on the division had they been bold. Put a Wallace out there opposite Green. Or go after a legit rusher for WLB and keep Burfict inside, making an already good D even better, etc, etc... Instead they bring back Mike Zimmer's pet project and will probably continue to waste reps on him on the inside and are, seemingly, sitting on their hands.

Mike Brown'd have to spend money to do some of those things though...and he'd probably rather die.

Dale Lolley said...

I think the Bengals are saving their cap space to re-up Green and Dalton, which isn't going to be cheap. They're both heading into their third year, so they'll be looking for big new deals in a year.
Green will get something north of what Wallace got, while Dalton could be looking at a Flacco-like deal.

Anonymous said...

Dalton will need to win a Super Bowl if he wants anything close to what Flacco got.

Pistol said...

I would rather have Jones anyway, he doesnt have the arm like Bray but can make all the throws. WAY better character and leader.
I totally agree about Patterson i'd be happy with Austin or Hopkins early or Swope in the 2-3 range. Hopefully Sanders leaves and they can get both. Swope is fast Hines!!

Anonymous said...

I could see Dalton being a $100 million guy. That's where the bar has been set for franchise QB's these days.

What ever happened to Will Allen? Are we going to move to re-sign him now that we lost Mundy?

Will Casey Hampton play for another team next season?

marc said...

the bengals are blowing it. yes, they will need to re-up green/dalton, but that will come when the salary cap will be set to increase providing some extra relief. additionally, it's not as if they couldn't bring in some big names now and then restructure later.

dalton needs to win in the playoffs before he even sniffs $100 million contract. while green is legit and should give wallace some lessons on how to go up for the ball.