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Friday, May 24, 2013

First week of OTAs wrap up

The Steelers wrapped up their first week of OTAs and it was an eventful week - as OTAs go.

Here's what we have learned:

* LaMarr Woodley came into town in shape but he doesn't care who the deep throat was that blasted him for not working as hard as possible in the offseason.

Woodley looks, to me, the same as he always has. He's a thick linebacker - always has been.

The BS about him being out of shape, in my opinion, is just that.

He played last season after suffering a high ankle sprain. Those are largely unavoidable.

Had his issue again been a hamstring problem, then maybe there would have been something to him being out of shape. As it is, however, there is not.

* Troy Polamalu has changed his workout habits to concentrate more on protecting his right calf, which has bothered him since 2010.

Polamalu said his calf issues of 2012 were "avoidable," and feels his work with a physical therapist will keep them from recurring in 2013.

He also did not sound like a guy who was going to be ready to hang up his helmet at the end of the 2013 season as some have speculated.

* Rookie running back LeVeon Bell and veteran Isaac Redman both look leaner than advertised.

Redman lost his weight in an effort to get quicker, while Bell lost his weight to get faster for the combine.

But the Steelers won't mind if Bell puts his 10 or so pounds back on.

* Marcus Gilbert is getting first shot at left tackle, with Mike Adams on the right side.

That is due, in very large part, to the run blocking ability Adams showed when he played right tackle in 2012. With Adams at right tackle, the Steelers had some of their best rushing days of the season.


joe said...

polo is a special player no doubt. unfortunate he didn't decide a few years ago his off season work out needed to change as he aged.
i don't agree with your woodley comments.
lots of young guys need to step up this season. looking forward to it.

Dale Lolley said...

Polamalu did change his workouts a few years ago. But he's always had different workout habits.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert on the left worries me considering his penchant for falling on peoples legs last preseason... hopefully that string of bad luck is behind him, as the LAST thing I want is him going *timmmmmber* into the back of Ben's knees. At least on the right, Ben can see him going down and get out of the way

Dan said...

For whatever reason, the Steelers chose to ignore the obvious solution for the line: Starks at LT, Adams as RT, Gilbert backing up both. I think we'll be regretting it this season.

Dale Lolley said...

We'll see. I think it was a mistake as well, but they are confident that Gilbert will get the job done.

Actually, if they work the short passing game effectively - with a better running game - it should work.

We know the running game should be better with the addition of Bell. But the lack of depth up front is concerning.

Anonymous said...

Woodley should play tackle, he's fat enough

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