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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It's that silly time of year

With little going on right now in the NFL, it's time for the pundits to go to work handing out draft grades, team rankings and other meaningless things.

It's all designed to keep NFL fans interested in the sport in the offseason.

And it usually works.

Something jumped out at me today on the web site.

Bucky Brooks rated the teams that had the best draft and listed the Steelers among the few teams he gave an A.

And another article on the site debated which rookie running back would have the biggest impact in 2013, with Steelers second-round pick Le'Veon Bell getting a lot of attention.

But then, on the site's power rankings, the Steelers actually moved down two spots to No. 19, behind such stalwarts as Chicago (Seriously?), Miami (Come on) and St. Louis (Please).

Power rankings are silly. I used to do them on this site in an effort to fill space. But I grew weary of trying to figure out which team was better than another even though they had played and that one did this, well, you get the idea. It's an exercise in futility.

But saying that the Steelers had one of the best drafts and then moving them down two spots in the rankings makes no sense. Then again, that's exactly my point with power rankings.


Anonymous said...

Steelers born steelers bred, and when I die I'll be steelers dead! We win the north this year

Anonymous said...

someone should put that last comment on a banner in the locker room

Anonymous said...

I remember the "experts" ripping the Seahawks draft last year. I believe the esteemed Mel Kiper gave them a grade of C-. Many gave them the lowest grade.

After last years performance that draft class could potentially make them a power for year to come.

Anonymous said...

Love the 1st comment!! AWESOME

marc said...

kiper and mcshay are a joke. they only exist because espn and other media outlets give them a forum to regurgatate stats they have compiled and the occasional opinion of which has no quantifiable relevance to the decisions teams make when drafting players. simply put, if they were not at the next draft, no one would care and the show would go on.

Henry said...

The King(s) in The North!!!