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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Steelers open OTAs

The Steelers opened their OTAs today with very good attendance.

Per Steelers rules, I can't report on who lined up where or how many times, but I can tell you some other things:

* Troy Polamalu said he's been working with a physical therapist on his calf and he feels like his 2012 season was "avoidable."

In fact, Polamalu feels so good about his rehab, he says the calf injury - which has bothered him since 2010 - is now behind him.

* Saw Heath Miller at the facility walking around. He didn't have a brace on his knee and wasn't limping.

Now that's a long way from being ready to get back on the football field, but it's a good sign.

* I tried to talk to LaMarr Woodley today, but he blew me off. Woodley did look to be in good shape.

* Had a nice talk with rookie receiver Justin Brown today. Seemed like a good kid and said his decision to transfer from Penn State to Oklahoma was one of the toughest decisions he made in his life.

* Ike Taylor said Cortez Allen is going to make life "hell" on a lot of opposing receivers this year.

* Emmanuel Sanders wouldn't talk about his flirtations with the Patriots, simply saying, "I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler."

Sanders said he wants to stay here and is open to a long-term contract.


Steve-O said...

Athletically speaking did anyone stand out or is this just run of the mill drills with nothing noteworthy to mention?

Anonymous said...

Woodley didn't have time to talk to you. He was in a rush to get to the buffet

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take Woodley's not talking to you personally Lolley. Something tells me he isn't anxious to talk to the media right now. He knows the fans aren't happy with him and the rumors about his conditioning.

I hope Woodley's doesn't get bitter with the fanbase. He seems like a good guy and all but when you command a contract like he did fans expect more from you.

marc said...

anyone else that used to blow you off like that?

i'm just curious because i find that type of attitude by woodley to be childish. maybe he was just in a bad mood, but at least act like an adult and exhibit the ability to hold a conversation.

kyle said...

Not every player talks to every reporter every time one comes up to him. I remember one reporter used to record audio of "2 uncomfortable minutes with James Harrison".

Plus, I don't think Woodley cares what the fans think, at least I hope he doesn't.

marc said...

it doesn't matter to me if he cares or not, just be an adult and say "no thank you" or "maybe next time", that's all. in my business, i deal with people very much on a daily basis and little cues like that really do tell a lot about a person and what you can expect from them.

like i said, maybe he was in a bad mood, but if you can't be courteous to someone who's just trying to do their job, then i think that is poor.

kyle said...

How do you know he didn't say "not today, Dale."? I don't think Dale would be mischaracterizing Woodley if he referred to that as "blowing off." I don't know that he was rude. If he was that's lame but I didn't get that from what Dale said.

marc said...

i did take dale's comment as woodely being rude. maybe i'm wrong. dale can let us know his thoughts.

Dale Lolley said...

No, he wasn't rude about it. He just didn't talk.
Did talk on Wednesday, though, so there's that.

Noel said...

Is there any significance to the story of Ramon Foster losing weight and shaping up? We heard the same type of thing about Trai Essex last preseason and it made nary a difference but it sounds like they're trying to be much more mobile this year which certainly wouldn't have suited Foster at the size he finished out last season.

datruth4life said...

Dale, after the W. Colon money becomes available June 1, do you think the Steelers would be interested in signing T Eric Winston from the Chiefs? I don't know how much money he wants but he is clearly the best OL left on the market and compete for that starting RT or be a swing tackle off the bench. In his time with the Texans and last year with the Chiefs, he played RT but he did play LT during his college days. Winston would be a really good vet tackle addition. He's 29 years old (turn 30 in November) and is 6'7'', 302 lbs. I just don't know what type of money he's looking for. Thoughts?

Dale Lolley said...

Foster is a better player than Essex was. They want him to be a little more mobile.

I don't see them going after a starting-caliber tackle, truth.
They've got two second-round draft picks they want at those positions.

other_patrick said...


in light of your comments on the Steelers reporting rules do you think Kaboly's twitter feed is going to get him in the doghouse?

marc said...

i've read elsewhere about where one of the players has taken reps during OTA's. are you under "house arrest" with the steelers or are other reporters violating the rules?

Dale Lolley said...

IF they're breaking the rules, they will hear about it.
You are not permitted to report what you see at practice unless you get a player to confirm what you saw at practice.

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