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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bad but understandable sentiment by Pouncey twins

Pretty much everyone in the U.S. has made up their mind about the guilt of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in regards to the murder charges levied against him.

The story has been plastered on the news and sports pages of every newspaper in America in the past few weeks.

But the story took a different twist over the weekend when twin brothers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey were photographed at a birthday party wearing hats that read, "Free Hernandez."

Was it a bad choice from the Pouncey twins? Yes. But it's not all that hard to believe that they support their former Florida teammate and - at least in the case of Mike Pouncey - roommate.

Heck, even Tim Tebow has been drug into this whole thing for being in a nightclub with Hernandez in college when the troubled tight end started a fight.

There's a bond formed among teammates. Heck, coaches try to foster that bond.

At all levels of sports, coaches want their players to back each other, for better or worse. In college, that means the players all room together. They study together, eat together and pretty much spend the majority of their time together.

Is it any surprise that some of the former teammates of Hernandez wouldn't believe that he was capable of killing someone as the story floated by police has been purported?

You see it all the time with family members of convicted killers who refuse to believe that their loved ones could do something so horrible. They don't want to believe that it's possible their loved one is a killer because - at least in the recesses of the mind - it makes them appear faulty for caring about someone so flawed.

So it's not a surprise that the Pouncey brothers believe that Gonzalez didn't kill anyone, even though they have both reportedly viewed his darker side at times.

But believing in Hernandez privately and making those views known publicly are two different things. In a time when everyone and their brother - no pun intended - are trying to distance themselves from Hernandez, the Pounceys went the other way.

The public outcry is understandable. But it's highly doubtful that Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are the only former teammates of Hernandez to feel that way.


Anonymous said...

But I don't think they ever said they necessarily thought Hernandez was innocent. They might think he's guilty but should still be freed maybe because he's their buddy, or he's an NFL player, or Odin Lloyd had it coming, or it's no big deal, or he's gotten away with it in the past, etc.

Anonymous said...

In his apology, Markice seemed to intimate that he wore the hat as a joke, don't you think?


Patrick said...

it wss stupid by them. Does anyone remember when Howard Stern wore an OJ Simpson jersey on Letterman and Letterman responded "double murder isn't funny " and it was really awkward.

Whether they have some bond with the guy or not, it was that kind of stupid by the Pounceys.

Patrick said...

oh and let me add, it was especially stupid given they have recently been reported with Hernandez the night of the 2007 incident. Not that they are guilty for hanging out with him, but given those reports, why bring the attention to yourself?

dumb dumb dumb

Anonymous said...

I personally think Hernandez is guilty as sin and has shot more than one person in his life.
Yet if your friends (or your mother) won't defend you when the chips are down, you are really in trouble. I think the Pouncey's are entitled to their own opinion just like I am. Until Hernandez is found guilty in a court of law he is still innocent.
OJ never was found guilty of murder, but the bonehead found another way to end up back in jail when he came in guns a blazing to steal back his memorabilia. If Hernandez is found not guilty, he will likely find another way to end up in jail. Unfortunately Hernandez did not move beyond his father's legacy.
Mrs. Isaac Redman

adamg said...

Yawn, another non-story, but great fodder for the media to do the obligatory manufactured "I'm outraged!" schtick.

Undoubtedly a dumb move given the big $ endorsement deals for pro athletes, though.
I'm sure Tomlin will have a chat with Pouncey about this and that will be that - lesson learned.

mv7267 said...

Agreed with you Dale right up to "they study together". That's where you lost me.

adamg said...

While they might not study on their own, most teams have mandatory academic group study halls for their athletes. The players also do film and playbook study. I'll guess that's what Dale meant.

marc said...

a stupid decision you would expect from a drunk college kid, not a veteran professional athlete. even if it was a joke, get a clue.

kelly said...

So it's not a surprise that the Pouncey brothers believe that Gonzalez didn't kill anyone, even though they have both reportedly viewed his darker side at times.


Anonymous said...

It can be hard to believe people you care about, even if they are violent, could kill people. I don't think they did it as a goof; they just happened to be smiling in the picture. They were supporting a guy they believe is innocent who has been found guilty in the public eye. This feels like such a non-story, how about them Buccos?

-Zac in Tempe

Dale Lolley said...

Let's not forget that the Pouncey twins are 23, regardless of how "veteran" they are. They're still relatively kids. Heck, there are rookies this year older than those two.
I wouldn't want people digging into the dumb stuff I did in my early 20s - thank God Facebook and Twitter weren't around then.

Tom said...

But the fact is Dale, if Facebook and Twitter were around, and you were a professional athlete constantly in the public eye, you would be much more wary of what you said and did, and that is a good thing. These guys aren't paid like the average kid, and should behave accordingly.

It's so stupid because these guys will be told in meetings all the time to be careful what you do, don't put yourself in a compromising position, don't give people the chance to make a story, yet that's exactly what they did and they should catch some heat for it.

Randy Steele said...

"...even Tim Tebow has been drug into this whole thing"

Sorry to nitpick, Mr. Lolley, but the past tense of drag is dragged; thus, "Tebow has been dragged into this whole thing," not drug.

marc said...

as a former athlete, i can tell you beyond a doubt these guys are constantly reminded by their coaches that as professional athletes they are held to a higher standard and that they represent more than themselves, but a team, an organization, and the entire league. they may be only 23, but they have been in the league long enough, and seen enough stupid things occur by other players, to know full well to not wear those stupid hats.

is it a big will it affect anything they do for the but, it's just plain stupid and does make you wonder how bright they actually are.

Anonymous said...

they were just having some lols at a party. got a little tipsy and put on some stupid hats. society today is so puritanical and so bored that this nonstory BS wastes everyone's time

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