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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Second day of practice blues

I know I complained about it last year, but I really am not liking this new collective bargaining agreement with the way it limits practices.

The Steelers held their second session on Sunday and it might as well have been an OTA since the players still aren't in pads. No pass rush drills. No backs on backers. No tight ends on backers or inside running drills.

It's kind of like running in place.

That all changes Monday when the pads go on for the first time. That will be when some guys will begin the process of moving themselves away from the pack.

You can work on technique until you're blue in the face, but until the guys do it with pads on, it means nothing. Can some of these young guys get it done when they actually have to worry about blocking the guy across from them?

Certainly, the practices are only one piece of the puzzle. The preseason games will also be important.

But Monday is a big day. As head coach Mike Tomlin said today, it's like the first day of school.

@ As I stated, it's only been a couple of days of non-padded football, but Isaac Redman looks very good at running back.

Redman looks like he's in great shape and is displaying quick feet.

It's no given that he's going to give up the starting role to second-round pick Le'Veon Bell.

@ Cortez Allen sat out practice today with some knee soreness, but it's not considered a big deal.

What is a big deal is DeMarcus Van Dyke leaving today with a hamstring injury. Van Dyke is one of a handful of guys fighting for a roster spot at a crowded cornerback position.

You can't make the club in the training tub.


Steve-O said...

Any obsrevations of Markus Wheaton? Granted its just football on shorts but does the kid look like a player?

mike lee said...
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TarheelFlyer said...


Please delete the Mike Lee comment. Don't come to a Steeler board and try to sell jerseys by talking up the Ravens....

Dale Lolley said...

Done and done.

KT said...

Thanks for being our "eyes" at St. Vincent's Dale.

How would you rate the pecking order for the inside linebacking back up slots (assuming that Spence stays in the PUP list?) Thanks!

Homer said...