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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Three weeks and counting

Three weeks out from the opening of Steelers training camp and no news is really good news with this team.

While Aaron Hernandez news is all over - and yes, the Pouncey brothers were in a club with him in Florida when he got in a bar fight, but so was Tim Tebow - you see what kind of bad - in this case horrible - news can rock a team.

Those are the kind of distractions a team doesn't need.

The Steelers right now are resting, relaxing and getting ready to head to camp to wash away the stench of last year's 8-8 campaign.

@ Saw NFL official Gene Steratore last night at a youth baseball game. He was in a walking boot after having Achilles' tendon surgery.

Steratore, one of the best in the NFL, hopes to be ready to go once the NFL starts playing games. I wouldn't bet against him.


Patrick said...

The pats are gonna have a killer season.

Anonymous said...


Steve-O said...

Dang Dale, the last time you commented on a quiet off-season Mike Adams got stabbed.... call me superstitious but I like to let that stuff lay silently.

Anonymous said...

but what if I am a robot and I don't know it?

Anonymous said...

please explain gang tats on pouncey before you give him a pass on the incident down here in fl. people who were there said pouncey was mad enough to kill when someone ripped that necklace off his neck.

kyle said...

Having tattoos is not a crime. None of the reports have indicated for sure that the necklace belonged to the Pounceys nor if it did to which of them it belonged.

None of the victims' descriptions could possibly be confused for either Pouncey - "6'1 or 6'2 200 lbs"

But yeah, people in Florida saying that someone was mad when someone else ripped a necklace off of're right, prepare the indictment.

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Chandra said...