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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random news, notes

It appears as if the Steelers will be at full strength on the offensive line when they head to New England.

Ramon Foster returned to practice Thursday, and though he must pass another ImPact Test Friday, that shouldn't be a problem.

David DeCastro is also expected to try to return Friday.

@ The Steelers do not have to make a final decision on Sean Spence until next Wednesday.

But the broken hand he suffered two weeks ago likely means he's headed to injured reserve.

@ The Steelers are expecting plenty of no-huddle out of the Patriots, which is to be expected since that's what the Patriots do a lot of.

But New England's no-huddle is different than everyone else's in that they run a play, sprint back to the line of scrimmage and snap the ball with 25-plus seconds remaining on the clock.

In many cases, however, it's been hurry up and punt for New England, which is converting just 32 percent of its third downs.

@ Aquib Talib continues to struggle with a hip injury for the Patriots and his loss would be a big one.

Talib has accounted for four interceptions. That's one less turnover than the Steelers have as a team.

@ After speaking with reporters Thursday, defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau asked if anyone wanted to talk to him about turnovers.

"What, we start getting them and now nobody wants to talk about them," LeBeau said jokingly.


Anonymous said...

Not the best sign for Spence that he gets to practice for a few weeks and he breaks his hand...his frame might be too slight to handle the NFL.

I hope he comes back and is awesome but people questioned whether he was a good pick due to his size. All these injuries make it seem like they were on to something.

phil said...

what does his frame have to do with the bones in his hand?

y'all will make up anything to bash the front office

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that Lebeau wanted to talk about turnovers. Tomlin asked if there were any questions about Bell and his ability to run after the Balt game. I wonder if he asked the same question after the Oak game?

As strange as this may sound, the Steelers have a change against NE. No, I don't mean a Lloyd Christmas chance either. NE has been decimated by injuries Mayo, Wilfork, one of there OL recently. Rumor has it that Brady might have a hand injury. I can't recall if it was the last NE game, LeBeau got some mean man to man press coverage going and the Steelers dominated. So there is a chance.

Eric T said...

"All these injuries make it seem like they were on to something."

Just 2 injuries.

1 being a freak knee injury that impacted nerves and had a long time table for recovery. Neither of these have anything to do with his size. To say other wise is ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Keith Bulter pretty much said he was too small to play 3-4 ILB in the NFL. Not sure what role he can play on the team.

He didn't make it out of preseason without a massive knee injury and now he breaks his hand in practice. Excuse me for being skeptical. I HOPE the guy proves me wrong but I don't think I'm crazy for doubting him at this point.

kyle said...

Like others have said, what about being 20lbs heavier keeps you from breaking your hand? When you gain weight does it go right to your hands? Timmons has a broken hand. Is he too small?

If Spence were a veteran the hand wouldn't matter at all. Since he's essentially a rookie coming back from a major injury (caused by getting his cleats stuck in the turf and getting hit from behind, not because he's slight) they aren't going to press him.

Is DeCastro too small? Gilbert? Troy? Ben? Woodley? Casey Hampton? et al.

You know who gets injured in the NFL? Everybody. If you don't get injured playing professional football you're the exception, not the rule.