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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday news, notes

Jarvis Jones was a surprise holdout in practice today. Seems he's dealing with some kind of head injury, though Mike Tomlin didn't mention it Tuesday.

Jones was also very talkative after Sunday's game and didn't seem like somebody who had been concussed, so it might have been a precautionary thing.

@ Both LaMarr Woodley and Brett Keisel took part in practice Wednesday on at least a limited basis, so they'll be ready to go on Sunday against the Ravens.

In fact, because it's the Ravens, you can bet that they will be ready to go.

@ Many of the Steelers and both Terrell Suggs and John Harbaugh spoke today about how the NFL rule changes have affected the Baltimore-Pittsburgh games.

They're not as hard-hitting as usual - at least in the secondary.

Then there's this: Pittsburgh is averaging 3.1 yards per rushing attempt. Baltimore's even worse at 2.7.

@ Looking at the Ravens, they're actually worse than the Steelers in nearly every statistic category - except scoring.

Two returns for touchdowns help that. So do some turnovers that have set the Ravens up for some easy scores.

Most appalling? The Ravens are allowing 13.8 yards per reception this season to go along with 10 TD passes.

Sure, Denver and seven TD passes in the opener didn't help that, but the Ravens have also played Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, Houston and Green Bay.

At this point, only Green Bay's passing offense would be considered good among that group.


Steve-O said...

It seems the Ravens and Steelers find themselves in similar stages of "retooling". I think the Steelers are in a slightly better state of affairs because their Quarterback can carry the team and Flacco just isn't quite that kinda QB. I'm taking the Steelers 24-13.

marc said...

with suggs and dumervil coming off the edges, this may be a game where draw plays and inside screens are effective. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

will be decided by 3 points as always. stats don't mean anything in a steelers-ravens game

TarheelFlyer said...

I actually am looking forward to the potential boost the game can give us. I am not saying we will win, but IF we can win, I think the confidence of this team goes through the roof.

Anonymous said...

You're right THFlyer, a win here would give the Steelers the confidence they need. While Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones are speedsters and you have to respect Ray Rice, I think the defense can contain them. The worries are, like Marc mentioned, are Suggs and Dumervil. The problem with the inside is that there's a roadblock name Ngata sitting there.

Anonymous said...

There are different types of concussions. May have read somewhere that he was experiencing headaches into Tues/Wed. That would suggest a concussion to the head. But given Jones' medical history, might be wise to confirm that, or at least rule out a spinal cord concussion. If he was experiencing burning pain or tingling, etc.

marc said...

maybe decastro can take care of ngata too....