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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wednesday news, notes

Ramon Foster was a full participant in today's practice and said he feels good about his chances to return to play after suffering a pectoral strain two weeks ago against Minnesota.

Thursday, however, will be the key day for Foster. After giving his chest a full workout Wednesday, how he feels the next day will determine whether he plays or not.

@ The Steelers again rotated  Levi Brown and Kelvin Beachum at left tackle - Beachum is listed as the starter - and Jones could be the starter if he grasps things quickly enough.

I spoke with Jones after practice and asked him if he and Beachum rotating at left tackle during Sunday's game at New York might be a possibility.

He looked at me like I had three heads?

"I've never heard of a rotation at tackle," Brown said.

I explained to him that he hadn't been here long enough and that the Steelers had been doing that already this season.

Brown seems like a pretty bright guy and said that he felt tackle was easier to pick up with a new team than center. That seems to bode well, since Fernando Velasco was able to pick things up quickly enough to be ready to start in a week.

That would be crucial for the Steelers. If for some reason Foster is unable to play, they could move Beachum to guard rather than playing Guy Whimper. Then again, Whimper is working exclusively at guard, while Beachum is playing offensive tackle, so that might factor in as well.

@ Ryan Clark today attempted to clarify his statements about Ben Roethlisberger made last week on ESPN's First Take, then basically said the same thing all over again.

Clark's statement that the Steelers can't afford for Roethlisberger to take as many chances as he usually does because the team isn't playing well enough to make up for mistakes ring true.

But he's also been part of the issue on a defense that is missing too many tackles.

@ Ziggy Hood said he was surprised when defensive line coach John Mitchell told him he had been demoted.

Hood was playing at a decent level - not horrible, not great.

I'm sure that replacing Hood with Cam Heyward isn't going to fix all of the problems the Steelers have had on defense. But a message had to be sent.


adamg said...

Brown, not Jones.

Also, Steelers cut Kion Wilson and re-signed Stevenson Slyvester.

Steve-O said...

I was a little confused before I realized Dale was confusing Jones with Brown. Good catch adamg

Anonymous said...

Dale: Find & Replace is a useful function. ;)

"... and Jones could be the starter if he grasps things quickly enough."

"I spoke with Jones after practice ..."

phil said...

Buncha critics up in here. Levi Jones was an OT too, and in the division semi recently, so its a pretty easy mistake to make. keep in mind Dale is writing this for us, for free, without an editor.

that being said, it is pretty bonkers that we hear on the one hand that continuity, playing as a unit and "gelling" is paramount to an offensive line, and someone on the steelers thought a tackle rotation was a good idea

Clark seems to be starting to dial out. He's got his ring, 10 years in the league, and he's cutting his chops on TV more and more. at 0-4, starting the rookie is a good move. Committing to Williams is a good move also, as is letting Ziggy know he's not in the team's plans for the future. I wish the team had someone to push Woodley...

Steve-O said...

Agree, Dale is doing this for free and we appreciate it, we're just pointing out a glaring error before his editor catches it :-)

As far as Clark goes, I think we're starting to see some chinks in his armor and if that's the case then it may be time for Shamarko but its way to early to commit to throwing the season to the young guys and giving up. The AFC North as a whole is flawed and we are not out of the hunt just yet. A win against the jets and we're only 2 games out with 11 more to go. With odds like that you put the players on the field who give you your best chance to win. but if things continue to slide and playoff hopes fade then yes, make the move. As far as Woodley goes, are you kidding? The guy is the only one bringing the heat on a conistent basis. Last year you had an argument, this year the guy has raised his game significantly.

Anonymous said...

We'll said I agree thanks Dale. I love your blog view it each day. Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.

Dale Lolley said...

No worries guys. Actually, you are my editors. We were actually joking in the media room about making this mistake. Must have been subliminal.

Same thing with Keenan Allen and Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen.

adamg said...

Dale, what do make of Clark's recent comments about BR needing to be more careful and BR saying he isn't going to change?

Anonymous said...

BR is never going to change, you can't be serious. Ben will always have the sandlot style of play, thats what you get with Ben. Also that style of play fits perfect into this system, he is able to keep plays alive after the line breaks down, just wish he had some speed..
Clark and everyone else is frustrated and everything will change after they can get on a W streak.

Dale Lolley said...

Clark had a legitimate point. These Steelers have not been able to overcome Roethlisberger's miscues. The defense was good enough to overcome him taking a bad sack or turning the ball over in the past. It's not right now.