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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Free agency, start of Week 2

Tuesday marked the start of the second week of the free agency period as the Steelers hosted wide receiver Lance Moore of New Orleans.

James Starks, who was supposed to visit as well, signed a two-year contract instead to stay in Green Bay.

Meanwhile, after spending all of Monday and part of Tuesday in Carolina, Jerricho Cotchery left Charlotte without a contract.

He is deciding whether to accept an offer from Carolina or return to the Steelers.

Cotchery likes it here and fits in well in the locker room. I'd say he's probably leaning toward returning to Pittsburgh, but it might come down to money.

@ James Harrison told the NFL Network Monday night he'd like to come back to the Steelers. He still lives in Pittsburgh and was released last week by Cincinnati.

At first glance, it might make some sense for the Steelers to bring Harrison back. Their only real depth behind Jason Worilds and Jarvis Jones at outside linebacker is Chris Carter.

But they also have to find out what they have in Carter, who is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of this season.

For a long time the Steelers relied on veterans at the expense of playing some of their younger players. As such, once those players hit free agency, they had a very limited knowledge of what those players could do in terms of game action with the added issue of ticking the younger guys off because they felt there was a glass ceiling here.

The best thing for the Steelers to do is wait until after the draft to make a decision with Harrison. In fact, they could wait until after June 1, when they'll get an additional $8 million in cap space, to sign a guy who already knows the system.

The trouble with bringing Harrison back at his point is that he'd have to come back knowing he's a backup. And at his age, he might no longer be able to play special teams, a must for a reserve linebacker.


Anonymous said...

If the money is right they should bring deebo back for the attitude he brings to the defense.

marc said...

please don't bring Harrison back. would much rather have a draft pick as depth if possible.

still hoping they sign Carrington and a WR soon.

Eric T said...

Keep Harrison's number handy in case of injury, but I am with Marc, I'd rather Worilds/Jones/Carter/draft pick get the reps.

Dale, is Andre Brown on the Steelers radar for back up RB?

Anonymous said...


Have any idea who, from the draft class, is coming in for a visit? Is it too early?


Joe Jones said...

That doesnt make much sense to me Dale. Seems like Worilds and Jones are going to be the tandem outside for the next 4-5 years if all goes well.
So it doesnt seem like Carter leaving in '15 or passing on OLB's in the draft would be a big deal.
Chris Carter is proven to be nothing more than decent depth.
Harrison would at least be an above average backup, and we could always draft/sign guys in '15.

The Steelers never rebuild, they just reload. Cuz winners never lose, even when they do. #Black&Gold

Dale Lolley said...

I agree that Carter isn't a starter quality, but it's a similar problem they've had at other positions because the coaching staff has relied on veterans for so long, even as backups.

Rookie visits haven't started trickling in much yet, though I do know Kadeem Carey has confirmed he'll visit the Steelers.

As for Harrison returning, I'm on the fence. As I said, backup linebackers are expected to play special teams.

Andre Brown might be a possibility. The options are getting slim.