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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surprise visitor on the South Side

Veteran receiver Lance Moore finally made his visit to the Steelers facility on the South Side Wednesday.

But the buzz of the day involved the surprise visit of Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

MJD is one of the top free agent running backs available this season, despite the fact he turns 29 on Sunday. He's still a productive running back, even though his rushing average dropped to a career-low 3.4 yards last season.

He's still very productive catching the ball out of the backfield and though he might not get a starting offer anywhere at this point in his career, there has to be other suitors out there who would use him as a third-down back.

As such, I'd be shocked if the Steelers signed him, but he is returning Thursday for another day of meeting with the team, so that's a positive sign.

Moore will remain a possibility as long as Jerricho Cotchery's situation remains unsettled.

But at 5-9, Moore would be another slot-type receiver, though he has played outside at times during his career in New Orleans.

It would be interesting to see how he fit into the mix with the other smurf-type receivers currently on the Steelers' roster, Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton.

@ The Steelers are currently about $2.5 million under the salary cap, but can free up as much as $4 million in cap space with a simple restructure of Lawrence Timmons' contract.

@ The James Harrison rumors continue to be hot and I'm hearing the Steelers are considering bringing the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year back for a season at the veteran minimum.

That move, however, wouldn't likely be made until after the draft.

As I wrote yesterday, I can see the need for a proven pass rusher who knows the defense. But bringing in a reserve linebacker who, at 36, isn't likely to play special teams is troublesome.


Anonymous said...

Carrington is visiting the Browns

The way I see it, the steelers have a hole at DE he can fill. The browns have desmond bryant, rubin, and phil taylor as starter on the DL, so little chance at more than a backup there, even if Petine runs a hybrid D cause they have good backups in Kitchen and Hughes (talented and young dline they have btw)

the rams have brockers and langford, both pretty good. Only have Cudjo behind them, but if Carrington signs there he's still the backup only. The raiders have bolstered their DEs, but their dts are non existent, almost literally. He can definitely be the starter there. But it does mean playing for the raiders....

Unless the steelers offered him the minimum, there's no reason not to sign with them cause they give him the best chance to start.

His injury last year plays in the steelers' favor money wise too. But if they offered him just the minimum perhaps they have their eyes set on a starting DE early in the draft?? Hard to believe they envision a starter for week 1 being anything lower than a 3rd rounder, and our only 3rd rounder is a compensatory at the end of the round

Anonymous said...

Deebo gives the Steelers instant depth at OLB, which would allow them to address their many other needs in the draft.

Anonymous said...

Jones-Drew? The guy has a knee that's closer to 50 years old than 29.

He'd have to play for almost nothing to make the risk worth it. His burst is gone.

Anonymous said...

Dude he's a tough runner, fights for the extra yard, and is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. He'd be a fantastic pick up for the steelers. He lead the nfl in rushing yards 2 years ago on a team that hasnt had a passing game since Mark Brunell was the QB and you wouldn't want him as your 2nd team rb? Smh

Anonymous said...

ESPN says Cotchery to Panthers.

Oh well...I think our scheme made him look like a better player than he really is.

We need to get some size at WR though. 2nd round?