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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Steelers-Browns game-day thread

It's a gorgeous day at Heinz Field today. Sunny with very little wind and temps in the 70s.

There are no real surprises for the Steelers on the inactive list with Landry Jones, Martavis Bryant, Lance Moore, Brice McCain, Wes Johnson, Chris Hubbard and Daniel McCullers down.

For Cleveland, it's interesting that they have just five defensive linemen up today with Desmond Bryant and John Hughes down.

Look for the Steelers, with Moore out, to feature Dri Archer a little bit as a slot receiver.

Enjoy . . .


Michael Rice said...

Lot of splash pays so far today. Very encouraging! Thats one of many things that this team lacked last year

Michael Rice said...

Cant wait to hear the haters on Antonio Brown now.. I really don't think was an intentional kick to the face.. It was almost an epic hurtle. This team WANTS to win. This is STEELERS football!!

Mark said...

It's not helping that CBS and NFL sites are showcasing the kick.

It looks bad, but I'm guessing that Brown thought the punter was going to dive forward to tackle him (in which case Brown hurdles him cleanly), instead of cringing backwards.

Michael Rice said...

What a tale of two halves.. Browns got fired up big time in the locker room.

Michael Rice said...

Dale, is Tomlin a motivating type of head coach at all? This team came out at the half completely flat and let them back into the game.

Obviously Tomlin doesnt play the game, and I'm not a Tomlin Hater by any means, but wow. The Browns are owning the second half and it's like Pitt went to sleep.

The first half was EXACTLY what I wanted to see from this team.. They were playing with fire and aggression.. now not so much..

Anonymous said...

This was the team I was expecting after what I saw in the preseason.

Antonio Brown is the only WR worth a god damn, he needs to be taken off punt return duty immediately.

Anonymous said...

This team got totally out adjusted a half time.

The Browns have no talent on offense. Our D should be embarrassed.

Michael Rice said...

Whew.. close call. Great game to watch as a fan. Ben got them down the field when it counted.

Anonymous said...

That was an epic collapse, didn't feel like a win but just lucky to get out alive. Tomlin needs to read Cowher's book on how to protect a lead when you're winning.

Anonymous said...

That draw play to Blount was something

-z in tempe

kyle said...

Antonio is the only wide receiver worth a god damn? Did you not see Wheaton's 97 yards? And not just the stat sheet, he made some great catches. I was apprehensive about him and his hands but he showed me a lot today.

All three phases looked bad in the second half despite a few great plays here and there. I think the special teams gaffes started it. The Steelers had no field position for basically the entire third quarter. The penalties also contributed to this game being closer than it should have been.

And yeah, Zac in Tempe, Ben never should have audibled to that draw. I saw him audible and I was hopeful for a second that he was going to pass since the line was completely stacked up. He was trying to be too clever.

But hey, I'll take a win, A. Brown looking like A. Brown, Wheaton playing very well, and Bell going over 100 rushing and getting close to 100 receiving.

Anonymous Brian said...

1-0. I try to think of it as, say, in December, when they're 8-6 fighting for a spot, pulling this one out means they're not 7-7 then.

That was brutal.

I don't know, for all the talk there will be about "adjustments" or lack thereof in the second half, it looked alot to me like the defense just got their butts kicked and the offense turtled while getting their butts kicked. (I know, human nature to take foot off pedal a bit, but geez...)

That 15-yard TD run in the third was just so easy.

Nice to see Wheaton with some clutch.

I suggest Ike Taylor drinking games when they play teams with good WRs.

For those in Pittsburgh, what's with all the spoiled lazy season ticket holders?

Anonymous said...

"For those in Pittsburgh, what's with all the spoiled lazy season ticket holders?"

For those in da' burgh, I will explain. "what's wit all dem jag-off season ticket holders?

adamg said...

What I saw at the game was a terrific OL. Munchak should get a game ball. They handled almost all pass plays with just the 5 OL and they kept BR clean.

Bell has great feet. He really picked his way through the holes and was strong on his feet.

The first half offense was a thing of beauty. I don't think I've seen that many well-executed screens in the last 40 yrs combined.

WRs look to be one of the deepests groups they've had in awhile.
AB is well on his way to being an all-time Steeler great.

The offense got a bit conservative in the second half, but also hurt themselves with too many holding penalties. But, when the chips were down, they got it done for the game-winning FG.

The defense wasn't as bad as the second half scoring would indidate. The biggest issue was discipline, tackling and penalties. They were really biting on the play action and running themselves out of position. That's correctable. The tackling should improve also. They should have had about 3 picks, but Ike, Timmons and Shazier all wiffed on INTs. But, like the offense, when push came to shove, they forced Clev into a 3 and out and got field position for the win.

LexingtonLegend said...

Tackling was atrocious in the 2nd half. Tackling last year was atrocious. If we played a slightly better team we lose.