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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Wednesday news, notes

Martavis Bryant and Lance Moore did not practice Wednesday for the Steelers and Moore's injury was finally revealed.

While Bryant suffered a sprained shoulder in the preseason finale, Moore had been held out of the last two preseason games.

At first, it was played off  as if nothing was wrong with him. But today, he was officially listed as having a groin injury.

He is running, however, so he's a lot closer to returning than he is having this turning into a multi-week thing. In fact, he could still play this week if he can get back to practice by week's end.

@ Cornerback Brice McCain was limited with his groin injury.

@ During the Antonio Brown show Tuesday night, news broke of the J.J. Watt contract.

Brown noted that Watt actually started his collegiate career at Central Michigan as a tight end. He left for Wisconsin because he didn't feel he was getting the ball often enough.

According to Brown, Watt was a leader, even as a freshman, getting all of his fellow freshmen, including Brown, to do extra workouts.

@ It will be interesting to see how the Steelers use their receivers if  both Bryant and Moore cannot play.

We might see more Dri Archer split wide than the Steelers had normally planned if that's the case.

@ Cam Heyward said today the team is getting a little tired of talking  about last season's 0-4 start. Then again, he also said it's in the mind of everyone who was a member of last year's team to avoid a similar start to this season.


Anonymous said...

Per Bill Barnwell "the Steelers really had the same sort of Cowboys West season they’ve been struggling with over the past couple of years. I’m linking them to Dallas because they’ve strangely decided to emulate Dallas’s method of handling the salary cap, kicking long-term contracts down the line with endless restructurings and extensions to try to clear up as much short-term cap space as possible. It was no different this offseason, when the Steelers extended the contracts of post-peak veterans like Troy Polamalu and Heath Miller to get underneath the 2014 cap. Those two will combine to cost more than $12.5 million on Pittsburgh’s cap this season, and when they’re inevitably cut, there will be dead money for each that would not have been there if Pittsburgh made the tougher call to get rid of them this offseason. Pittsburgh already has more than $11.5 million in dead money tying up this year’s cap, thanks to the releases of LaMarr Woodley, Willie Colon, and Larry Foote in recent years. That cycle — re-sign expensive player, grow sick of expensive player, cut expensive player to re-sign next expensive player — is what has led the Cowboys into cap hell. Pittsburgh isn’t far behind, as it already has $130.4 million of cap liabilities on the books for 2015, including the remaining $8.6 million in dead money from Woodley’s deal."

Anonymous said...

Steelers biggest problem is Todd haley

he is a horrible coach

Anonymous said...

Your face is a horrible coach

kyle said...

How convenient for Mr. Barnwell that he left out that the team's commitments for 2016 are almost half of 2015's.

Cutting a guy like Woodley is the exact opposite of what Barnwell says the Steelers do. If you cut a player before his contract is up, there will be dead money. That's how it works. The only way past that is through trades and I believe one of the reasons they don't do much of that is they cut guys on the downswing normally and they still like to give the player some level of autonomy about where he plays.

rvaccare said...

Wow, Heath Miller is "post-peak"? Bill Barnwell, whoever that is, is a complete dunce. And a "post-peak" Troy Polamalu is still far better than any other option on the roster and any that were in free agency and the draft.

Anonymous said...

Heath Miller's best playing days are behind him. The guy was below average last year coming back from a knee injury. Plenty of teams would balk at paying him what the Steelers are.