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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday news, notes

I asked Le'Veon Bell if he had seen what Josh Gordon did Tuesday night on the eve of the NFL passing its new drug enforcement rules.

Gordon, already suspended for a violation of the league's drug policy, was arrested for DUI a few months ago and facing another possible suspension.

But under the new rules the league has now instituted, a DUI would be an immediate two-game suspension.

So Gordon plead guilty to avoid getting another two games.

Bell said he hadn't heard that. And he also did not do that with his own DUI charges that came in August.

So under the new rules, if convicted of DUI - in Bell's case it was marijuana - he will eventually receive a two game suspension.

Of course, Bell could also still beat the rap on his DUI charge as well. But at least now, a possible suspension is spelled out by league rules.

@ Nose tackle Steve McLendon practiced fully for the Steelers on Wednesday and will try to play Sunday despite suffering a shoulder injury last week against Baltimore.

McLendon is, however, wearing a brace on the injured shoulder.

Wide receiver Lance Moore made it through another day of practice and looks as if he'll be back this week.

Guard Ramon Foster was a new addition to the injury list. He's dealing with an ankle injury that had him limited in practice today.

Also limited was running back Dri Archer (ankle). It's beginning to look like it will be another week before he's ready to return.

@ The Panthers had a bevy of players who did not practice Wednesday, led by wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (knee), left tackle Byron Bell (toe), right tackle Nate Chandler (toe), linebacker Thomas Davis (hip), fullback Mike Tolbert (chest) and running back DeAngelo Williams (thigh).

All of those guys are starters.

Tight end Greg Olsen, the Panthers' leading receiver, also was limited with a calf injury.

The Panthers appear to be a beaten up bunch.


adamg said...

If Bell's blood test comes back below the new threashhold for marijuana would he still be suspended or does a DUI stop trump that?

Theosa said...

No matter how beat up the Panthers are, they’ll beat Steelers, I’m picking Panthers to win by running the ball up and down on Steelers throat and creating turn overs on Steelers shaky No-TD offense.

Dale Lolley said...

Not sure about that Adam. Marijuana DUI is different than alcohol. There is no set level for a positive dui

adamg said...

Thanks, I guess we'll see what happens. If Bell wasn't driving erratically, might be a hard charge to make stick.

qwikdoc said...

Deactivate McLendon this week. At 100% he hasn't been making anyone forget about Big Snack. I have no desire to see what the opposing center will do to him if he's less than 100%.

marc said...

do the comments from first #43, then keisel, give anyone the impression "practicing hard" or "practicing the right way" has been a problem with the younger guys this year?

Dale Lolley said...

No. Just grasping at straws in my opinion

marc said...

“Do the little extra things that you might not have had to do up to this point because you’ve been a great college player. In the pros it’s different. You’ve got to prepare every week differently and you can’t relax or you’ll get gashed.” - Brett Keisel on what the defense needs to do to get better.

that doesn't imply younger guys haven't been practicing the right way?

Dale Lolley said...

Again, guys are trying to figure this out. Part of the problem has been guys out of position. But part of the problem has been guys being beaten or missing tackles, Keisel and Polamalu included.

Anonymous said...

It's not the young guys that are the problem on this team. Their struggles are understandable and many of them will get better. The struggles of guys like Ike, Troy, Cam Thomas, Gilbert, Heyward and Heath Miller are the ones who bother me. They are highly paid and many of the aren't getting better at this point in their careers.

Anonymous said...

How does it come to be that they are not in position? Are they getting moved out? Are they confused and not getting themselves properly fit? Or is the guy charged with getting them lined up doing a poor job getting them set? Specifically, what is it that they say is the reason/cause for their poor fits other than the generic not in position?

Patrick said...

so after watching tonight's game, even if the Steelers lose this week, if they can't get to 2-2 afterwards then we can officially write the season off.

TB was so bad tonight,it was comical.