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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Changing of the guard

Though some in Pittsburgh questioned whether the Steelers were serious about cutting fullback Dan Kreider, we now know that they were considering it.

How do we know? Carey Davis will start in Cleveland at fullback in the opener, with Kreider only lining up at fullback on short-yardage plays.

According to, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians plans to use the fullback more this season as an offenive threat, something that better fits Davis' skills.

1 comment:

adamg said...

It's about time offensive coaches recognized how dumb it was to have a block only back lined up in the backfield. It merely simplified things for defensive coordinators. Having two back capable of getting the ball on any given play complicates things for the DCs.

Personally, I think Krieder has the talent to run the ball, too, but I'm glad Arians is smart to see the value in the old two back system ala Bleir and Harris.