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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday update

Neither Deshea Townsend or Clint Kriewaldt practiced today, but both are expected to play Sunday against Buffalo.

Funny moment of the day was seeing offensive coordinator Bruce Arians wearing an LSU visor on top of his straw hat during practice. Arians, a former Virginia Tech quarterback, lost a bet with guard Alan Faneca, whose Tigers blew out the Hokies Saturday.

The Steelers were pretty upset about the cheating allegations involving the New England Patriots and understandably so. When a team beats you twice in the AFC Championship and many feel it's because of halftime adjustments they made, you can't help but wonder if it was because they were stealing signals.

I had a long conversation with Najeh Davenport today and he admitted that he never really felt 100 percent - physically or mentally - until about 10 weeks into the season last year. Davenport was coming back from a broken ankle when he was cut by Green Bay and picked up by the Steelers after the opening week. And he just didn't run with the pop or determination he did Sunday against the Browns. He looked like a different running back.

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Steve said...

Najeh was a big time "unsung" hero in the Browns route. When he wiggled off that first down in the 3rd, it broke them completely.