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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 3 rankings

1. New England (3-0) After a slow start, the Pats wiped out the Bills. Can Cincinnati hold them under 37?

2. Indianapolis (3-0) The champs still finding a way to get it done.

3. Pittsburgh (3-0) Continuing a strong start, but Arizona will be a good test this week.

4. Dallas (3-0) The best team in the NFC without a doubt, though the Packers are closer than any would have thought.

5. Green Bay (3-0) This is the surprise team of the league thus far.

6. Tennessee (2-1) Only a narrow loss to Indianapolis has kept this surprise team from a 3-0 start.

7. Baltimore (2-1) It's a shaky 2-1, but 2-1 nonetheless. Age will catch up with this team.

8. Seattle (2-1) Good win over Cincinnati last week. The defense played very well, especially against the run.

9. San Diego (1-2) This team is better than it's showed. Might be 3-0 if Marty Schottenheimer was still coach. He only loses in the playoss.

10. Jacksonville (2-1) The running game still hasn't clicked, but the Jags are solid.

11. Carolina (2-1) DeShaun Foster is playing well and hasn't gotten hurt - yet.

12. Denver (2-1) The Broncos can't stop the run and Jay Cutler is struggling. Definite danger signs.

13. Washington (2-1) Terrible play calling at the end of last week's loss to the Giants. But the defense is solid.

14. San Francisco (2-1) The defense is solid, but the offense is limited.

15. Chicago (1-2) The injuries are mounting, but at least Brian Griese will be starting now.

16. Houston (2-1) The Texans lost Andre Johnson and now Ahman Green. So much for the good start.

17. Cincinnati (1-2) The defense is just atrocious and now New England is coming to town. The Bengals are staring 1-3 in the face.

18. Tampa Bay (2-1) There's nothing special about this team but it's winning.

19. Philadelphia (1-2) Can't play the Lions every week, but Donovan McNabb looks like he's coming around.

20. Detroit (2-1) Was Mike Martz calling the defense last week too?

21. Arizona (1-2) Took Baltimore to the limit last week.

22. Minnesota (1-2) Good defense and running game, no quarterback.

23. N.Y. Jets (1-2) Mediocre.

24. N.Y. Giants (1-2) Also mediocre.

25. Oakland (1-2) The offense is better than last season, the defense is worse.

26. New Orleans (0-3) Anybody who thinks Reggie Bush is going to carry the load by himself has been partying too much on Bourbon Street.

27. Cleveland (1-2) The Browns are getting better, but not much.

28. Kansas City (1-2) The Chiefs had to win sometime. But they still stink.

29. Miami (0-3) This is an old, bad team.

30. St. Louis (0-3) I thought the Rams would be a surprise team this season. I was right, they're surprisingly bad.

31. Atlanta (0-3) Joey Harrington played better last week, but it still wasn't good enough to win.

32. Buffalo (0-3) The injuries are mounting, including losing quarterback J.P. Losman. No wait, that's a good thing.


adamg said...

Phillip Rivers had a fluke year in 2006. He's now being exposed for the mediocre QB he is. The SD defense is a lot less intimidating since they were caught using banned steroids.

Dale Lolley said...

They're still the best team in the west by far in either conference.

adamg said...

That's not saying much...

adamg said...

Dale, I'll bet Billick is wishing he'd held on to Derek Anderson instead of Kyle Boller. Anderson is not bad at all, although he's still learning.