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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 5 power rankings

1. New England (5-0) Will finally face a stiff challenge this week at Dallas, provided Tomo Romo doesn't turn it over five times.

2. Indianapolis (5-0) Tooling along unbeaten while the Patriots get all the fanfare.

3. Pittsburgh (4-1) Surprised? The Steelers are just plain better than the Cowboys.

4. Dallas (5-0) Should have lost to Buffalo. Buffalo!

5. Jacksonville (3-1) I don't know why, but I just like this team more than Green Bay.

6. Green Bay (4-1) Found a bit of a running game, but it wasn't enough to beat the depleted Bears at home.

7. Tennessee (3-1) The Titans have done nothing but win with Vince Young at the helm.

8. Washington (3-1) Playing solid ball.

9. Arizona (3-2) Another team playing solid ball. Will be better with Kurt Warner running the show.

10. Baltimore (3-2) A very flawed team.

11. Seattle (3-2) Didn't show up in Pittsburgh last week.

12. Tampa Bay (3-2) Defense is playing well, but the Bucs have no healthy running backs left.

13. San Diego (2-3) Will Norv Turney turn the defense loose?

14. N.Y. Giants (3-2) Plaxico Burress has been unstoppable.

15. Houston (3-2) A decent, but not great, team.

16. Carolina (3-2) Julius Peppers is still looking for his first sack.

17. Detroit (3-2) The offense is suddenly sputtering.

18. Chicago (2-3) The once-vaunted defense is very banged up.

19. Denver (2-3) Would be 0-5 if not for two last-second field goals.

20. Oakland (2-2) Better than some thought, but still not good.

21. Cincinnati (1-3) Maybe the Bengals found some linebackers during the bye.

22. Cleveland (2-3) Getting better, but still not good.

23. Philadelphia (1-3) Has to protect Donovan McNabb.

24. San Francisco (2-3) The defense is pretty good, the offense stinks.

25. Kansas City (2-3) Larry Johnson has to get more carries to be effective.

26. Minnesota (1-3) Tavarius Jackson is back this week. Yawn.

27. Buffalo (1-4) Couldn't take advantage of Tony Romo's career bad night.

28. N.Y. Jets (1-4) Mangenius huh? More like Manmoron.

29. New Orleans (0-4) Maybe they are this bad.

30. Atlanta (1-4) The old Joey Harrington was back last week.

31. St. Louis (0-5) Incredibly beaten up.

32. Miami (0-5) The Cleo Lemon era begins.


Joe said...

if you were referencing Romo's turnovers last week when you said five, don't forget the fumble =).

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah. I was just counting his interceptions. Those were the truly avoidable ones.