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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Week 8 Power Rankings

1. New England (8-0) OK, the offense impressed me last week against Washington, a tough defense.

2. Indianapolis (7-0) Had a strong showing at Carolina without Marvin Harrison.

3. Dallas (6-1) The Cowboys hold down the No. 3 spot, for now. A week 10 meeting with the Giants looms.

4. Pittsburgh (5-2) That was more like it last week against a desperate Cincinnati team.

5. Green Bay (6-1) Did what Pittsburgh couldn't do, win in Denver, by doing what the Steelers refused to do, run the ball.

6. San Diego (4-3) Rolling along now.

7. N.Y. Giants (6-2) That was less than impressive against a sorry Miami team.

8. Jacksonville (5-2) Found a way to win at Tampa Bay.

9. Tennessee (5-2) Aren't going to win with less than 100 yards passing every week.

10. Washington (4-3) Last week was an anomaly.

11. Baltimore (4-3) Tough matchup with the Steelers this week.

12. Detroit (5-2) Starting to get on a roll.

13. Kansas City (4-3) Jared Allen has made a big difference.

14. Seattle (4-3) Starting to get healthy again.

15. Cleveland (4-3) Beating Miami and St. Louis in back-to-back weeks doesn't prove much.

16. Tampa Bay (4-4) Falling off the map.

17. Denver (3-4) Playing better, but still has defensive holes.

18. Carolina (4-3) The Panthers are 4-0 on the road, 0-3 at home. Go figure.

19. Philadelphia (3-4) McNabb's starting to come around and Westbrook is healthy.

20. New Orleans (3-4) Slowly coming out of its early season slump.

21. Arizona (3-4) Warner's elbow should be a lot better this week.

22. Buffalo (3-4) Two of the three wins have come against the Jets.

23. Houston (3-5) Could get Andre Johnson back this week.

24. Cincinnati (2-5) The wheels are coming off.

25. Chicago (3-5) The wheels have already come off.

26. Minnesota (2-5) All the Vikings have is wheels. Can't throw the ball at all.

27. Oakland (2-5) Looked like the Raiders of old last week with 14 penalties. Some of those teams were good enough to overcome those kind of things. This team is not.

28. San Francisco (2-5) Remember when this team was 2-0?

29. Atlanta (1-6) Maybe it's time for overrated DeAngelo Hall to go.

30. N.Y. Jets (1-7) The Kellen Clemens era begins.

31. St. Louis (0-8) Just seems to be snakebit this year.

32. Miami (0-8) No end to losing in sight.

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