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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Week 7 Power Rankings

1. Indianapolis (6-0) Change at the top. Sorry, Patriots, but Indy's win at Jacksonville was much more impresside.

2. New England (7-0) The offense is great, maybe the best ever. The defense has shown some holes, though.

3. Dallas (6-1) Here by default at this point.

4. Green Bay (5-1) Maybe the Pack found a running game during the bye week. Then again, they play at Denver this week, so …

5. Pittsburgh (4-2) I still think they are the third-best team in the AFC, which makes them pretty good.

6. Tennessee (4-2) Winning without Vince Young was huge last week.

7. Jacksonville (4-2) If Garrard is out an extended period of time, this team is in trouble.

8. San Diego (3-3) Going to have a tough time this week with the wildfires.

9. N.Y. Giants (5-2) I'm not as high on this team as some others. Who have they beaten?

10. Washington (4-2) OK, the Giants have beaten the Redskins, but this team is really offensively challenged.

11. Kansas City (4-3) I'm starting to believe in this team a little.

12. Seattle (4-3) Should still have enough to win the NFC West.

13. Carolina (4-2) Needs to be more consistent.

14. Tampa Bay (4-3) Tough loss at Detroit last week.

15. Detroit (4-2) The defense showed some signs of life against Tampa Bay.

16. Houston (4-3) The defense is still pretty good and Andre Johnson should be coming back soon.

17. Baltimore (4-2) How in the world do you lose to Buffalo?

18. Denver (3-3) Had their backs against the wall last week and pulled one out, but has still been outscored 106-164 this season.

19. Cleveland (3-3) Still has to show me a road win.

20. Chicago (3-4) Don't count this team out in the NFC.

21. Arizona (3-4) Tough loss at Washington last week.

22. Cincinnati (2-4) Saved the season last week, but then again, it was just the Jets.

23. New Orleans (2-4) Not a great efffort considering it was just the Falcons last week.

24. Oakland (2-4) Reverting back to form.

25. San Francisco (2-4) No offense and the defense is starting to follow suit.

26. Philadelphia (2-4) Can't score against anybody but Detroit.

27. Buffalo (2-4) At least the Bills are getting better.

28. Minnesota (2-4) The Vikings have a running game and nothing else.

29. N.Y. Jets (1-6) Blew a 23-10 lead at Cincinnati.

30. Atlanta (1-6) Ick.

31. St. Louis (0-7) Gets Steven Jackson back this week. Could beat Cleveland.

32. Miami (0-7) Could go winless, except for the fact they get to play the Jets and Buffalo.

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