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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week 6 rankings

1. New England (6-0) Had their way with the Cowboys.

2. Indianapolis (5-0) Tooling along unbeaten while the Patriots get all the fanfare.

3. Pittsburgh (4-1) I told you the Steelers were better than the Cowboys. Dallas is a fraud as a Super Bowl contender.

4. Jacksonville (4-1) The Jags play the same style of football the Steelers did in the '90s.

5. Green Bay (5-1) Won despite an off day by Brett Favre.

6. Dallas (5-1) Couldn't put the Pats away at home. The secondary is awful.

7. San Diego (3-3) Finally getting the ball to LT.

8. Washington (3-2) I like the defense and running game. The passing game is coming along.

9. Baltimore (4-2) The defense isn't as dominating as previous seasons, which helps expose a putrid offense.

10. N.Y. Giants (4-2) Starting to turn it around.

11. Tampa Bay (4-2) Jeff Garcia is playing very well.

12. Tennessee (3-2) Need Vince Young healthy to thrive.

13. Carolina (4-2) Vinny, Vinny, Vinny.

14. Arizona (3-3) Need to get Warner back as soon as possible.

15. Seattle (3-3) That's two stinkbombs in a row.

16. Kansas City (3-3) Could the Chiefs be turning it around? Probably not.

17. Cleveland (3-3) Could finish 8-8 with a soft schedule ahead.

18. Detroit (3-2) Have to get the offense figured out again to have a chance to win.

19. Houston (3-3) Needs to get Andre Johnson back soon.

20. Denver (2-3) The Steelers could run for 300 yards this week against this defense. There's no reason for this team to be that bad.

21. Oakland (2-3) Got exposed by the Chargers.

22. Minnesota (2-3) Surprised the Bears - and me - last week.

23. Philadelphia (2-3) Struggled to beat the Jets.

24. San Francisco (2-3) Gets Alex Smith back this week.

25. Chicago (2-4) How low can the Bears go?

26. Cincinnati (1-4) The implosion is beginning.

27. New Orleans (1-4) Nice win last week, but I need to see more.

28. Buffalo (1-4) Sticking with Trent Edwards is probably a good idea. J.P. Losman stinks.

29. N.Y. Jets (1-5) Will win a couple of more games, but only since Miami and Buffalo are in the division.

30. Atlanta (1-5) How long can they stick with Joey Harrington?

31. St. Louis (0-6) Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson will be back soon.

32. Miami (0-6) Old and bad can't get any better.

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