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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beautiful day in Baltimore

What a beautiful, sunny day here in Baltimore. There's practically no wind and the conditions look great.

I didn't see many Steelers fans here running around Fells Point or on the drive in to the stadium. This will truly be a hostile environment.

Pretty much every national media personality that covers the NFL is at this game, which is somewhat surprising considering the Cowboys are playing the Giants, and the Falcons are hosting Tampa.


adamg said...

Dale, while I was watching the non-call on the horse collar tackle Suggs or Scott or someone put on BR as he was throwing on the run, I wondered how many times the refs have called roughing the passer penalties for hits against Ben?

I gotta say so far I'm impressed with BA's game plan today. He didn't abandon the run in the first half and if BR's receivers had been able to hang onto very catchable balls (ones that hit them between the numbers), Pgh would be ahead.

Oh, and B-Mac needs to come out if can't cover 300 yr old Derrick Mason who Flacco absolutely stares down on every pass thrown to him.

Mberenis said...

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