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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Tomlin

Not a whole lot on the injury front from Tuesday's Mike Tomlin press conference - and that's a good thing.

Marvel Smith and Brett Keisel are the only two players who are out.

Tomlin did speak more at length than he has in weeks about Smith's back problems and how the team is holding out hope that it will get Smith back at some point.

Willie Parker may not practice Wednesday, but should be back on the field Thursday.

Tomlin expects Bryant McFadden back this week. That will be a big addition against a Dalllas passing game that is even more dangerous than New England's.

The Steelers will prepare as if Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware will play. Barber has a toe injury, Ware a knee.

Tomlin called Ware the best defensive player the Steelers have faced this season and also talked at length about how dangerous the Cowboys' offense is.


Anonymous said...

Did Tomlin confer with Drew Rosenhaus regarding BMac's availability?

Patrick said...

For some reason, I don't fear the Cowboys. I think much like the Giants and Colts game, if the Steelers make mistakes and don't make the most of the opportunities the D and the other team gives, then it will be a tough one or loss.

If the Steelers play their game and play smart, they might blow the Cowboys out of the water. Of course you can say everything I said about every team every weak, but the Steelers just seem to only lose to good teams when they do it to themselves.

I think this team is coming together nicely and realize that two big wins in the next 2 weeks does a lot for their January run.

Call it a hunch, I just don't see a Steelers lose sunday.

Dale Lolley said...

This is a tough one. Dallas is 9-2 with 10 days rest coming off a 10-point Thanksgiving victory.
That said, both teams have bigger fish to fry the following week. Dallas has the Giants, Steelers have the Ravens.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Ravens game will be big.

Of course, a win by us Sunday and a loss by the Ravens (GO REDSKINS) would be very nice. Give us a bigger lead in division.

We need to cheer those Redskins on! Beat the Ravens!

kelly said...

Hopefully McFadden will be back, but is there any worry about him being rusty? Would he come back into a starting spot right off, or will he be eased back in on the nickel and dime defenses to get him back on game speed?

Anonymous said...

im hoping they decide that this week in practice

Dale Lolley said...

We'll see this week at practice how they work him back in. He's been practicing for three weeks, so I don't expect a lot of rust.
As for the Ravens, if the Steelers win this week, it forces the Ravens to win out to win the division.
If the Steelers went 3-2 in their last five, the Ravens needed to go 4-1 and beat the Steelers to even force a tie. And the Steelers pretty much have the tiebreakers.

Anonymous said...

if hes been practicing for 3 weeks, why couldnt he play?

Anonymous said...

Practicing with no contact is a lot different that him trying to tackle people with an injured arm, Mr. Anonymous.

kelly said...

Just read that Ben 'tweaked' his knee in practice... Any info Dale??

adamg said...

Interesting that BR gets hurt practicing on the beloved grass and mud. I didn't notice him slipping and falling on NE's artificial turf in a driving rainstorm on Sunday.

Perhaps seeing their 102M man go down with what could have been a season-ending injury on the same kind of surface that graces Heinz Field will make the Rooneys rethink their decision to stick with grass.