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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday update

Sorry this is so late, but I'm trying to fit Christmas shopping in among everything else.

Quite a few bodies missing from practice today, but none are really considered serious.

Ryan Clark was hobbled today by a sore foot, but it's not expected to keep him out of Sunday's game at Tennessee.

In fact, foot injuries were the craze today as James Harrison and Troy Polamalu also were out with them. Again, they aren't considered serious.

© Speaking to some different guys in the locker room, I got some interesting answers to why they thought there hadn't been a holding penalty called against a Steelers opponent in 23 quarters – a span of nearly six games.

I'll have that story in Friday's Observer-Reporter.

© There were more than a few guys ticked off about the team's three Pro Bowl selections. But, as was pointed out, last year's Giants had just one Pro Bowl representative.

These guys will take a Super Bowl over a Pro Bowl every day.

© James Farrior offered to take anyone from the defense with him to Hawaii who wants to go.


Anonymous said...

Did Keisel practice?

Dale Lolley said...

Yes, Keisel practiced. Had a brace on, but he practiced.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale! I'd heard he was going to try to practice..glad to heard he was able to.

TerribleFan_36 said...

Dale, you're the man. Thanks for all the updates... looking forward to your story in Friday's Observer-Reporter.

I can't believe it's been 23 quarters since a holding penalty is been called against the opposition... are we fans overreacting when we think James Harrison constantly gets held... the kind of hold that merits a call?

Ben said...

I can't remember the site, but they had a montage of all the holding non-calls on Harrison. They aren't questionable calls, either. I can't count how many times I've seen a LT wrap their arm around Harrison's neck and drag him to the ground. Its disgusting.

He's paying for his comments he made on the officials earlier in the year. That's my theory anyway.

In any event, have a Merry Christmas, Dale. Enjoy the updates as always.

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG, and I mean BIG, difference between the Giants team from last year which was trying to sneak into the playoffs, compared to the Steelers this year. You are looking at a team which could potentially be the #1 seed in the AFC. Big difference.

There are 4 teams who are fighting for home field throughout the playoffs right now:

Tennessee - 6 Pro Bowlers
New York - 6
Carolina - 4
Pittsburgh - 3

My prediction after Sunday, the teams which have the lower totals above will both hold the #1 seed in their conferences.

Alex said...

The Steelers prove that it isn't about have a few "super stars", its about having the best TEAM. Our team is a chain and their are no weak links on it... well at least not on the defensive side.

Anonymous said...

The NFL needs to clean up it's officiating and the lack of holding calls on clear holds is becoming disgusting.
If Goodell spent as much time on cleaning up the integrity of the game versus worrying about hits on players, the game would be better served.
The NFL's greatest danger financially is to lose the integrity of the game, not another PacMan Jones incident.

Thank you Dale for another great blog. You are always my favorite O-R writer.

stillexile said...

For anyone interested- Here's the site with the video Ben referenced. The sad thing about this video is it ONLY covers 3 games, not the 14 we've played. It's impossible for the refs to miss all of these.

James said...

Thanks for the updates Dale. I can't wait to read the article about the holding calls. I was wondering if the refs just waited until so many of them accumulated and then just give us a free TD!