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Monday, December 29, 2008

Tune in to Fox 970

I'll be hosting the Steelers' show on 970-AM Tuesday night from 7 to 9 p.m. the next two weeks with Jim Wexell.

Give us a listen. Don't be afraid to call in.

© As expected, Bill Cowher will sit out another year before coming back to coach in 2010 – though he will talk to the Jets about their opening. Though, I don't expect anything to come of that, either.

There was no way Cowher was going to go to Cleveland.

Cowher coached against the Browns enough times to know what a mess that team is. And considering it traded half of next year's draft away this year to acquire a couple of picks, there's no quick fix.

© The Giants are 2-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl according to Las Vegas.

You can get 4-1 odds on the Titans, while the Steelers are third at 9-2.

The Arizona Cardinals are the biggest longshots for the title at 40-1; in the AFC, the Miami Dolphins have 30-1 odds.

The two preseason favorites — the New England Patriots (2-1) and Dallas Cowboys (7-1) — failed to reach the playoffs.

Not unexpectedly, all four road teams are favored in this weekend's wildcard games.


adamg said...

The longer Cowher stays away from coaching, the less likely he'll be to return. He's not like Parsells, who has no life outside of football.
He's got a good gig at CBS, making lots of money, gets to "coach" without all the hassle and keeps his wife happy in NC.

Ben said...

Adam, I agree. He knows he's got it good at CBS, and it seems like he genuinely enjoys it.

By turning down Cleveland, he's re-earned some brownie points in my book. The bitterness of the 2006 season is starting to fade away.

Dale Lolley said...

He'll coach again. Of that I have no doubt.
He's just waiting until his youngest daughter finishes high school.

Dawn K. said...

I would appreciate the irony of Cowher coaching the Browns, except it would mean the Browns would eventually win again. I find it much more enjoyable when they lose, just like the Patriots.
I'm taking the odds on Miami. I have faith that my Dolphins are going to win it all. :) Wouldn't that be an amazing story? From 1-15 to a Super Bowl victory. I love it!