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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steelers extend Miller, Clark next?

The Steelers on Wednesday gave tight end Heath Miller a six-year contract extension worth just over $35 million.

Pittsburgh still has a number of starters scheduled to become free agents at the end of the 2009 season, including former Pro Bowl nose tackle Casey Hampton and running back Willie Parker.

I'm told, though, the next potential free agent to sign could be safety Ryan Clark.


Tim said...


The team needs to go after Clark, because the secondary would fall apart without him. But what do you see happening with Hampton and Parker, considering:

-Willie Parker has an already capable duo behind him in Mendy/Moore.

-Casey Hampton is still a stud, but aging and a "little" overweight.

I could see Parker disappearing after this year, but who would step in at NT? Is the team comfortable with Hoke filling in for a year or two until they can draft a replacement?

Patrick said...


it's not out of the realm of possbility that Ziggy Hood could eventually be a NG. But I agree with you and the franchise # for a NT is probably not cheap after the Haynesworth deal and others.

I think Hampton will take a deal and there will be many incentives to keep him in line.

I also think he will report in good shape come friday. He seems to rotate years with that. Especially contract ones

I just don't see him leaving and I don't think the Steelers brass wants him to despite putting all these guys ahead of him in line. I think thats part of the motivation.

kyle said...

in the grand tradition of grading the draft the same day it ends, i'm going to make a ridiculous and possibly homerish statement: I think the Steelers have had the best offseason of any team in the nfl.

most people bring up the eagles who brought in some good prospects in the draft and some starters in free agency but really, the Steelers lost three good guys, all good players, but all of whom were going to be pushed for their jobs this season.

they unload the franchise tender with starks and give him a decent "everybody wins" type deal (unlike the monstrous contract the ravens gave suggs).

they drafted pragmatically and for need and got what seem like character kids.

other than a civil suit (an admittedly big distraction)they've had no real problems. what other team has signed all of their picks before camp, extended several quality starters, and replaced departing starters with what at least seem like lateral movements or improvements?

Anonymous said...


I hate to be this guy... but why the "no comment" etc. from the Steelers on Vick?

There's no way they sign the guy, so why let the rumors percolate? Tomlin's respect for Dungy that they don't want to take shots at Vick? Just doesn't make sense to let it hang out there unless they're actually thinking about it.

What am I missing?

sherm said...

Why must they respond to the rumor. If you respond to every rumor drummed up by Mike Florio you would need a full time staff. There's no basis for this rumor other than a blogger trying to generate hits for his site. Ignore it

Anonymous said...

well, duh, florio is an idiot. but no one is talking only about florio. 20 or so teams have come out and stated, without anyone thinking they would sign Vick, that he wasn't in their plans. The steelers were asked directly and said, "no comment" instead of "no." Which prompted more rumors than florio's inane argument ever could have.

But the point is not to criticize it's a legitimate question -- is the reason the Steeler said "no comment" simply that they don't comment on such things? If so, fine. Or is it because they're actually considering it? I would highly highly doubt that, but they brought this on themselves by refusing to clearly say no (not unprompted, but when asked a direct question).

sherm said...

Not meant to criticize you as the writer - Florio just irritates me. It's just I think Florio is the one that gave Vick to the Steelers legs.

I was also unaware of the Steelers No Comment response but suspect your first explanation (They don't comment on such things)makes more sense. I find it really hard to believe they would consider Vick

Dale Lolley said...

Why comment on it if you don't have to? Serves no purpose to say yeah or nay.

As for the other contracts outside of Clark and possibly Jeff Reed, they'll likely let them play out unless the player is really willing to make a sweetheart deal.

Collin said...

I hope the Steelers get Ryan Clark and Casey Hampton Signed. I think Willie Parker isn't as good as he used to. I think Rashard Mendenhall needs to step up.

adamg said...


Jeff Reed should be re-signed. Reed's been pretty important lately with the offense's inability to punch the ball in from short yardage.

Viz-Burgh said...

I agree with Dale that Ryan Clark will be next in line. There is no proven safety on the roster behind Clark & his play allows Polamalu to do much of what he does in terms of playing all over the field.

I also think that Jeff Reed is on the short list based on his on-field production, but I don't know how his off the field activities will play into the Steelers willingness to re-sign him. The embarrassing rampage against a Sheetz paper towel dispenser is really only a part of it. Not sure how many more drunken Jeff Reed pics Tomlin wants to see popping up online before he's had enough.

Dale Lolley said...

They may wait and see with Reed. He's embarrassed himself and the team a few times over the past few years. They may want to see if he can keep from doing so again for six months.

Patrick said...

Reed can kick at Heinz. Not many guys can do that.

Dale I your answer to the Vick question is about as dodgy as the Steelers. Is there anything to this?

Tim said...

I would bet my house that they sign Reed. Antitowelism aside, his performance has not been affected, and he has proven to be a genuinely consistent clutch kicker at home and away. He'd have to destroy a tree's worth of paper towels before the team decided he wasn't worth it.

Viz-Burgh said...

Allow me to clear the air. Jeff Reed is in NO WAY guilty of Antitowelism. In the Sheetz case he ripped the towel dispenser off the wall because it was empty.

So if anything, Reed is a radical Protowelist.

Anonymous said...

Dale, are you going to be doing your usually (almost daily as I recall from the past) training camp reports and coverage?

Dale Lolley said...

Yep. And they aren't almost daily. They are daily pretty much throughout the season - sometimes two or three times daily depending on what's happening.

As for Vick, I'm not dodging or being evasive. They're not going to sign him, but you never say never.

Patrick said...


you said never about Burress and TO.

I feel like between your answer and the Steelers answer, some thought about signing Vick was actually kicked around.

I'm starting to think if there was a camp injury, it would be possible.

I actually don't hate the idea. I don't like what he did and where he is at right now. But I don't think the risk is as high as people think. And the reward is the same. But he could be an interesting #2, IF Dixon went down or flat out was terrible.

With that said, I'm excited to see what Dixon has to offer.

Anonymous said...

All of you need to read what Kyle just posted-- summed it up perfectly---not just on this particular issue but how the steelers shrewdly conduct business.