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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What are the folks at EA Sports smoking?

The much-anticipated Madden 2010 player ratings for each team have been released. For a view of how the Steelers are rated in the game, visit

A couple of things jumped out at me when I was perusing the ratings.

First off, Lawrence Timmons is listed as a 78 in speed (74 overall). That puts him behind both James Harrison (85 speed) and LaMarr Woodley (82 speed) among the Steelers backers.

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Timmons winning a footrace among those players.

The other thing that really jumps out to me is that cornerback William Gay is rated as a 63 overall. Maybe nobody told the good people at EA Sports that Gay started a good number of games last season and played well. He's actually rated behind rookie Joe Burnett and just above Keenan Lewis.

Rookie Kraig Urbik (71) is also rated higher than Darnell Stapleton (70) at right guard.


Patrick said...

I don't disagree with you Dale, but they are putting in a whole new rating system this year so the seperation between players is bigger. Which I like.

But yeh, some of them are just bizaree. For some reason, Heath Miller is one of the most Average TE's in the game and year after year is listed waaaaaay tooslow. The Timmons speed is ridiculous too. But they have a ton of players to rate and the rosters always suck until the first downloadable update anyway.

This year, the downloads are going to be huge. Players will be jumping or decreasing by increments of 10 instead of 1.

Ben said...

Like Patrick said, they've instituted league-wide changes this year. I was pretty furious when I saw the Steelers ratings until I realized the changes were made across the board.

What I don't understand is why they decided to change physical attributes to such an extent. For instance, few would doubt Timmons' speed, but many could doubt his head for the game and stoutness against the run. To me, it would seem he should have exceptionally high speed, but low awareness, strength and tackling.

Like Pat said, it's a whole new system that sounds intriguing -- if they do it right. Honestly, I've played Madden for years and it's been the same game year in, year out. They've got an exclusive license with the NFL and they don't have to try too hard. If they're changing things -- for the better -- I'll hold my judgement until I play the game.

The Steelers are rated 92 - the second best team in the league - so they can't be too bad. The Patriots are 93, but that's a whole other argument.

Anonymous said...

EA has been phoning in the Madden games since they acquired the sole rights. Whenever a monopoly like this is created there is no motivation to put out a superior product and the consumer suffers.

It would be nice if the NFL would take more care in how their brand was represented and put pressure on EA to improve the game but as long as sales are high this won't happen.

And am I the only one who has noticed that in the last few years the players in Madden all look HUGE? I mean even quarterbacks look like they are on roids. Chad Jackson looks like TO. They are just cartoony and over the top.

Madden 05 was the last one I liked.

Tim said...


The ratings for Madden 2011 through 2016 are also retarded.

It is obvious that whoever does the ratings doesn't pay much attention. If you are a "backup", like William Gay, Lawrence Timmons, or Chris Hoke, then you will get a low number. The end. It doesn't matter if you're better than another team's starter.

It's always been that way, and until they start putting some actual effort into it, it will continue to be that way.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully roster updates during the season will fix some of these issues. Gay and Timmons will be starters and if our defense is top 5 their numbers will have to go up.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they're right about Urbik.

Keith said...

The Madden franchise has completely lost its way.. the game sucks and has for a while now.

Anonymous said...

LaMarr Woodley is underrated here.

Anonymous said...

Slow news day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, first time poster here. I can't count how many times last year I watched a play and thought I saw one of our corners come on a blitz, only to see Timmons walking back to the line of scrimmage.

His fastness is super.

FCK EA Sports said...

wow the people at EA Sports did it they gave us a big middle finger (c'mon this is how you treat The people who has followed your madden franchise for all these years) WOW

MJ said...

To your point about the LT vs. Silverback speed rating... Timmons got caught from behind at the 1 in New England, but Harrison bulldozed his way 100 yards in the super bowl.

Carolinaware said...

Maybe ONE DAY when we win the Super Bowl, we will actually be the highest rated team. I won't hold my breath though. This is twice. @ us not getting that respect. We won the damm thing.

As far as Timmons goes, I don't like it but I am not surprised. He was an 85 last year (speed) while they had James at a turtle like 80 for a LONG TIME UNTIL THAT LAST ON LINE UPDATE. So like usual, Madden is slow on this. It is almost like "In breaking news, water is indeed wet." They are notorious for jerking players. I thought they had the difference between 'speed', 'quickness' and acceleration down one year only to watch the flub it. (I wanna say that was '06. Alas, I see they are back with like gang busters with the bullsh#t again. Now Timmons is no faster than Larry Foote WAS, the guy we let go to 'cause he wasn't fast enough on PASSING DOWNS and was off the field anwyay? Yeah EA. Stellar job.

I won't even discuss Mr. Gay. They have it out for him I am convinced. The way they have him rated he couldn't even carry water onto the field during the huddles.

And it isn't just my team. @ my issues with the ratings. It took them a day and a life to give the Mr. Sproles his due among others.

Alas, if it is in the game, it is in the game. I will work with it. lol