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Monday, January 25, 2010

Everybody's happy

With Indianapolis' victory over the New York Jets, there were a lot of happy people in the Steelers' locker room.

They weren't happy because they favored the Colts over the Jets. They were happy because Indianapolis heading to the Super Bowl means that tight end Dallas Clark can't play in the Pro Bowl, thus opening a spot for Heath Miller to go.

Miller's a pretty popular guy in the locker room and many of the players have long lobbied for him to get a trip to the Pro Bowl. But it's been difficult because he's never had the gaudy catch numbers that usually get players selected to the NFL's all-star game - until this season.

© In a week or so, I'll be starting my look at the upcoming free agency period. I used to do it for, but I'll do it here.

In the series, I'll look at the Steelers' impending free agents and possible replacements/upgrades available on the market.


Ben said...

Dale, as happy as I am that Miller and Woodley are now Pro Bowlers, I can't help but think that the Pro Bowl has become even more irrelevant than it previously was. No one wants to play in it so it has become littered with alternates. Look no further than the AFC's quarterbacks:

Matt Schaub
Vince Young
David Garrard

It just seems completely pointless at this point -- and it was nothing more than a popularity contest in previous years.

Jeff said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on free agency. I am curious whether you think the Steelers will try to sign a decent CB. They need a new starter opposite Ike Taylor immediately. James Walker at ESPN has suggested that the Chargers might be willing to trade Cromartie but I am not certain he is any good.

Too bad Willie Gay did not seize on his shot to be a starter.

Dale Lolley said...

I would agree that the Pro Bowl is a farce. Just name the Pro Bowl teams and don't play the game. I always think about Dermontti Dawson pulling a hamstring in the game and never being the same after that.

As for the Steelers making a trade for Cromartie, I don't see that happening. He makes a pretty big buck. I don't think he's worth it and I'm not so sure he's the kind of character player they like to have.

Anonymous said...

um...cromartie's not that much better than Gay

And the bolts don't even have the kind of pass rush that the steelers do. Just saying....

Ben said...

Wasn't Cromartie amazing in 2007? 10 interceptions and the longest return in NFL history. How did he fall off so quickly?

Was he just lucky in '07?

Robert said...

He is just an athlete, no real football instincts or drive.

Even if we ignore him I would be happy if we went after a good cb.

Anyone see how bad Mcfadden looks in the Cardinals scheme?

Anonymous said...

If the Steelers are smart, they'll draft a corner in the first round, or if the top CB's are gone at 18 then they should go for Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays. There isn't enough real talent at CB in the free agent marked and if they are any good they'll be franchised.

Patrick said...

I'm sure plenty of people noticed the shape Terrance Cody showed up in at the Senior Bowl. If he can't make a better showing at the combine, I would cross him off the wish list.

Anonymous said...

So, wait...Terrence Cody being fat was a surprise to other people to?!? Cuz I always thought he only went about 290 before that Senior Bowl weigh-in. God, was I wrong.

Look, it's not a secret Cody's fat. Cody's been fat his entire time at Alabama. It didn't stop him from basically styming each opposing team's running game though. So he won't be able to play 3 downs? He's a noseguard. Big deal.

"The shape he showed up in at the Senior Bowl" is the exact same "shape" he's been showing up in for all his games for the Tide, in the brutally competitive SEC, where he typically controlled the line of scrimmage. That shape is "round" and it hasn't gotten in the way yet.

Dale Lolley said...

It raises red flags when guys show up at things like this grossly overweight. It's like going to a job interview in flip-flops and cut-off shorts.

I'm not a big Taylor Mays fan. That defense was mediocre this season and every time I saw him play - which admittedly was just a couple of times - he looked average. I agree, however, that they shouldn't reach for a corner. But if the top corners are gone, that could mean an offensive lineman or two slips.

Patrick said...

did you see the picture of him?

There is fat and then there is completely out of shape. He is way out of shape and thats a huge indication of laziness and lack of committment.

I don't know how anyone could ignore this and chalk it up to "him just being a fat guy"