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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fichtner new QB coach

The Steelers have moved wide receivers coach Randy to quarterbacks quarterbacks coach.

Fichtner replaces Ken Anderson, who retired at the end of the season.

Fichtner coached the quarterbacks at Memphis from 1990-93 and from 2001-06, when he also was the offensive coordinator. He was the quarterbacks coach at Arkansas State from 1997-2000, when he first worked with Tomlin.

Fichtner also coached at Purdue, where he was in charge of recruiting besides coaching the wide receivers. He joined Tomlin’s staff in 2007.

Fichtner would appear to be the offensive coordinator in waiting should the team decide at some point to part ways with offensive coordinator Bruce Arians in the future.

© The Steelers bolstered their depth at linebacker - and on special teams - by signing free agent linebacker Derrick Doggett.

Doggett (6-0, 210), who will enter his first year in the NFL, has played in the CFL for two years with the Edmonton Eskimos and most recently the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In his two seasons, he amassed nine tackles on defense and one interception. Doggett has excelled on special teams, where he recorded 27 tackles last year with the Blue Bombers

As an undrafted rookie free agent out of Oregon State in 2008, Doggett was signed by the Eskimos and recorded six tackles on special teams. In 2008, he was signed by the Blue Bombers where he recorded nine tackles on defense, 27 special teams tackles and one interception.

© The Seattle Seahawks hired Green Bay Packers executive John Schneider as their new general manager.
The Seahawks confirmed the hiring of the 38-year-old Schneider, a 17-year veteran of NFL personnel work, Tuesday afternoon. ESPN first reported the deal.
The move means that Omar Khan, who was a finalist for the job, will remain with the Steelers.


Anonymous said...

I wish they would have made Fichtner OC this year.

Blount Trauma said...

Dale, people are talking about a possible switch to safety for Doggett. Your thoughts?

Ryan said...

My guess is that if he was a special teamer in Canada then that's all he'll be here. But after this season an extra body in the secondary mix couldn't hurt.

Dale Lolley said...

Obviously they're looking at his size and projecting. I thought the same thing. But we'll have to see what he looks like in pads first.
First and foremost, he's a special teams player.

SteelRose said...

Im not sure where folks are coming up with "our next OC in waiting"... I hope you realize that Randy Fichtner, personally instituted the SPREAD OFFENSE at Memphis. The SPREAD OFFENSE. Not a whole lot of running in the spread offense. UNTIL, 2004 with an All-American running back in DeAngelo Williams, a seasoned offensive line and a deep receiving corps. THEN the offense finished the year ranked ninth nationally in total offense, and 10th in the nation in scoring. Google the guy. Looks more Human Resources guy than OC guy.

marc said...

just because the guy moves to QB coach doesn't mean he is the heir apparent. all it means is that they feel he will do a good job working with BR.

when arians goes, which will be next offseason hopefully, they will look at coaches on the roster and coaches around the league and then make the best choice they can. i.e., tomlin.

marc said...

oh, by the way, i saw why mcfadden didn't get the deal he wanted with the steelers. he was abused in that game.

Ed said...

Actually chatted with Doggett on Xbox Live (yup, gaming nerd). Great guy, very humble, and excited to be a Steeler.

Patrick said...

Ed the real question is.... who won?

(assuming you were playing Madden, and if so, we should talk, I could use some quality opponents)

kelly said...

Ed, ask him if he's put on any weight... 210 lbs. is not going to get him on the roster as a LB... Back up safety mabye?

Dale Lolley said...

Could it be that Fichtner went to the spread because that's what the team's talent dictated? Hmm.
I've spoken with him on several occasions and he's a bright guy.

Ed said...


We actually haven't played yet. Tweeted a couple times and he mentioned he's on XBL and sent a friend request. I was playing a friend and in party chat. he popped in to say hi and talk steelers for a minute. Yeah quality opponents that play football and don't glitch/cheese are tough to come by.

Ed said...


I'll ask

Patrick said...

Ed, whats your tag on there? Thats the way I play, no cheese, and actually punt